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Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 09 July 2013

10 Romantic At-Home Winter Date Ideas

10 Romantic & Unique At-Home Winter Date Ideas

We know how important it is to spend quality time together before your wedding. So we’ve put together 10 romantic & original South African winter date ideas to inspire you!

1. Spend S’more Time Together

For a fun and yummy winter date, we love the idea of setting up a s’more station! Light a fire and put together a selction of marshmallows, different types of chocolate and dipping toppings like flakes, sprinkles and nutella. You can cuddle up next to the fire and create delicious S’more Sandwich with biscuits, berries and chocolate sauce! Yum!

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2. Indoor Camping - Build a Fort

Remember how much fun it was to build a fort when you were young? Why not relive some of that childhood excitement for a fun & romantic winter indoor date night. Gather sheets, blankets, a mattress & sleeping bags and create your very own indoor camp site. Use fairy lights for an extra romantic touch. Once your fort is built, you can snuggle up and watch your favourite old movie, or open a bottle of red wine, find a torch and make shadow puppets or share your favourite scary stories. Either way it’s bound to be a date night filled with lots of fun!

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3. Competing for Love

Scrabble, Monopoly, 30 Seconds. There are easy ways to transform your favourite board games into two-player date nights you won’t forget! Introduce rewards and penalties, open a bottle of your favourite wine and you’ve got the perfect plan for an awesome indoor winter date!

If board games aren’t your thing, but you like the idea of a bit of competition you could always arrange a Winter Triathlon Date Night. “On one of our first dates, my guy and I challenged each other to a ‘triathlon’ of activities we both liked,” says Robyn H., 28, of Durham, NC. “We decided to compete in foosball, Pac-man, and pizza-eating. We were laughing the whole time, and now, part of the fun of ‘triathloning’ is coming up with three ‘events’ we can compete in. We’ve done ice skating, Connect Four, and M&M-eating and another time, we did swimming, diving, and onion ring eating.”

Hyper-competitive couples may find playing a tête-à-tête board game (especially Scrabble; avoid that one if you’re a win-at-all-costs type) to be too stressful to handle, so opt for something more lighthearted (“No threes. Go fish.”) or work on a jigsaw puzzle together instead.

4. Breakfast in Bed

Turn things upside down and have a ‘breakfast in bed’ date for a fun alternative to candlelit dinners. Run your loved one a bubble bath while you cook up a storm - go for the classic eggs & bacon or make delicious waffles, french toast or pancakes. Make a tray of delicious brekkie bites, add a few flowers and champagne and you’ve got a quirky date night they won’t forget!


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5. Play Strip Poker

It’s not just for hormonal teenagers who have no idea how to tactfully initiate foreplay! Grab a six-pack of tallboys, park yourselves at the kitchen table and cross your fingers that Lady Luck will be in your favor. Dressing for a snowstorm will probably help your cause, too.

Strip Poker makes for a fun & flirty stay-at-home date night. You can even take the theme a bit further and whip up a few Casino Cocktails, Playing Chip Cookies & dress to impress and make easy to eat canape bites that won’t interrupt the action. For a little assistance in working out the rules - here’s a helpful ‘Strip-Poker How To’

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6. Pick a Theme

In the mood for a Godfather marathon? Go for it—but trade your typical take aways for a themed meal like homemade Spaghetti Carbonara, tiramisu and a bottle of Chianti. Pick a theme for your date night and make it really special.

A few Ideas for Date Night Themes:

Hawaiian: Make a Pina Colada mix, get grass skirts and embarrassing floral shirts, cocktail umbrellas and plan a Hawaiian feast. You can cook something pineapple-ey together and plan a delicious tropical dessert.

Christmas: It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Put on some cheesy Christmas Carols and bring out the tree for a silly & fun Christmas-themed date. You can even wrap presents and make your own christmas crackers. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the chillier months with a unique date that’s sure to bring back lots of happy memories!

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7. Iron Chef: Chocolate

If you love getting creative in the kitchen, this might be the date idea for you! Make a meal with chocolate featured in every course. Who says chocolate can’t be served as a main course? You can either make a meal together or divide up the courses between each of you and surprise the other with your sweet & savory creations.

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8. Tried, Trusted & More Traditional

If you’re looking for a more traditional date night idea, maybe a couples cooking session is more your style. Find three challenging recipes, make shopping for the ingredients together fun, and get ready for a romantic evening of culinary delights. Light the candles and set the table to make it slightly more formal than your everyday dinner.

You could also follow-up your meal with a stay-at-home spa session. Give each other a long and relaxing back massage for something extra special.

9. Make an ‘All About You’ basket

Put together a package of your partner’s favourite things. Include a few sweet photo’s, their favourite snacks, and a DVD or two of their favourite movies. Make the Date all about the things they love most, including you of course.

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10. A Treasure Hunt

Start the hunt with a sneaky SMS containing a cryptic clue hinting to what the date includes, and create a treasure hunt around your house leading to different areas & activities. It’ll be a unique & fun way of spending time together, especially if you give them something really special at the end!

You can find even more date ideas here!

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