10 Unique Must-Have Wedding Photos! { Inspiration }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 29 October 2013

10 Unique Must-Have Wedding Photos!

Original & Fun Wedding Day Photo Ideas

We’ve all seen the typical “must have” shot list that most photographers probably have memorized, and most of you have seen before. And in case you haven’t, here’s an awesome list of the basic wedding day shots you’ll probably want.

But there are always those fun, quirky shots you’ll want to add to the list - something different and fun for your wedding photo collection. We’ve scoured the web to find a few of our favourites for you to include in your shot list for your photographer.

It’s always fun to get ideas on different, unique wedding photos - whether it’s a fun photo of you with your family on the day, or a cute suggested shot of the bridal party after the ceremony!


Jumping on the bed

What better way to ban wedding day jitters than jumping on the bed? Get your bridesmaids involved, or go solo and feel like a kid again. Although make sure your hairdresser is close by for touch ups afterwards!

creative wedding photo idea 2

unique fun wedding photo ideas 9

Group Shot

There’s nothing better than getting all your wedding guests in a single shot that you can keep forever! Don’t forget to rally the crowds and catch them all together in one photo at some stage during your wedding. This is a brilliant way of making sure you don’t leave anyone out of your wedding pics!

creative wedding photo idea 5

creative wedding photo idea 6

Dad’s Reaction

We all want a shot of the Groom’s face when he sees his Bride for the first time, but what about your Dad? And your Mum too! Catch your parents ‘first looks’ - you can use these as part of your thank you gift later. So sweet!

creative wedding photo idea 6

creative wedding photo idea 7

Blast from the Past - The Couple When They Were Younger

Why not bring along a photo of you and your groom when you were younger, and use them as props for a cute (and unique) wedding photo idea. We love it!

creative wedding photo idea 8

Hide & Seek

We’re sure you’ve seen those ‘before the wedding’ shots - where the Bride and Groom have a picture together before walking down the aisle, without the Groom seeing his Bride! There are lots of ways you can do it - holding hands with eyes closed, Bride covering the Groom’s eyes - or holding hands across a doorway from different rooms. Imagine the butterflies!

creative wedding photo idea 3

creative wedding photo idea 9

creative wedding photo idea 15

unique fun wedding photo ideas 2

Groom carrying the Bride

This may be an obvious one - but we don’t see it that often. There’s the age-old tradition of ‘carrying the Bride over the threshold’. Capture something similar with your Groom carrying you!

unique fun wedding photo ideas 3

creative wedding photo idea 12

creative wedding photo idea 14

creative wedding photo idea 16

Say Cheers!

Get a photo of you and your Bridesmaids doing a cheers with champagne glasses, it looks so pretty from below! You could also do this at the ceremony with your family, or the Groom and Groomsmen can do it before the ceremony.

creative wedding photo idea 17

Three Generations

A beautiful keepsake is a picture of your hand with your wedding ring, your mother’s hand and your grandmother’s hand. Such a meaningful photograph for you and your family!

creative wedding photo idea 18

Special Kiss

We know. Obviously you’ll get a photo of you two kissing, but don’t forget to get a REALLY awesome kissing shot.

unique fun wedding photo ideas 5

unique fun wedding photo ideas 6

unique fun wedding photo ideas 7

unique fun wedding photo ideas 8

Last Shot of The Night

Don’t let your photographer leave!! Or get a family member or friend who is photo-savvy to take the last shot of the night. There are so many amazing options and ways you can do it!

unique fun wedding photo ideas

unique fun wedding photo ideas 4

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