10 Ways to Make Your Guests Happy! { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 13 May 2014

10 Ways to Make Your Guests Happy!

10 Ways to Make Your Guests Happy!

Guests will undoubtedly gush over your gown, be amazed by your centerpieces and snap photos of The Kiss. But give them Band-Aids for hurting heels, refresh them with drinks before the ceremony and keep them entertained, and your wedding will go down in history. So our advice: Think about the small things that will really allow them to enjoy and celebrate the day with you.

1. Quench Their Thirst With Pre-Ceremony Refreshments

Often Brides and Grooms forget to add a welcome drink to their wedding plans. If your guests are going to be waiting at your ceremony for The Bride to arrive, why not offer them a refreshing welcome drink? It’s uncomfortable standing around without anything to drink, especially if it’s on a hot South African summers day. So give your guests a water, lemonade or glass of champagne as they arrive, they will definitely thank you!

how to keep your guests happy

2. Think About the Weather!

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to make sure your wedding guests are comfortable.

For a Summer Wedding, you can have a selection of parasols, set up umbrellas, offer them sunscreen and have fans on chairs. All of these small, thoughtful details will make a massive difference! Another few sweet special touches we’ve seen are sunglasses as favours, small bottles of water misters for the ladies and cold hand towels on arrival.

For colder winter weddings, think about blankets or Pashmina favours. Set up Mushroom Heaters or ensure that there is a warm place your guests can relax.

Keep the weather in mind to keep your wedding guests happy!

wedding guests - keep them happy

3. Don’t Let Your Guests Go Hungry

After your ceremony, your guests will likely want something to snack on before the reception. Be sure to have snacks or canapes on offer.

You could also have a selection of picnic blankets with boxed treats or a delicious cheese board with crackers, figs and fruit. We really love the idea of having a food truck or ice-cream truck, plus it doubles up as entertainment value. If you’re looking to save on your catering costs, you could always cut your cake straight after the ceremony. That way your guests can have a slice of yummy wedding cake while you get your photographs taken.

How to keep your guests happy at your wedding

4. Have a Bathroom Care Basket

We’ve blogged about wedding bathrooms before - because it’s the last place you’re thinking about when planning your wedding! You can read our blog here on Wedding Bathroom Must-Haves.

Wedding clutch bags are hardly spacious, so think about placing a basket in the bathrooms with a few items your guests may need. This might include plasters, safety pins, headache tablets and similar items.

How to keep your Guests Happy

5. Get Your Timing Right

While no one expects you to be perfectly punctual on your wedding day, being half an hour late for the ceremony is sure to make your guests uncomfortable. Try and start the ceremony on time, and keep the time between the Ceremony and Reception reasonable.

If you think your photo’s are going to take longer than an hour, be sure to provide enough food, drinks and entertainment to keep your guests happy!

get your timing right - happy guests

6. Provide Some Entertainment

Entertainment doesn’t have to mean big budget. Small and simple touches can provide something for guests to do. This might be as simple as lawn games or live music, or as unconventional as Carnival stalls. Think outside the box and keep the entertainment within your theme.

Easy ways of providing something for your guests to do include ‘I Spy’ Cards and Guest Mad libs. A photo booth is also great for entertainment, although with so many weddings with photo booths, try and make yours original & creative.

wedding games keep guests happy

7. Keep Your Guests In The Loop

While we love weddings that include elements of surprise, guests like to know what the general timing & plan is. Use your program to give a general timeline of the day, and include things like the bouquet and garter toss so guests don’t miss out!

If you’re having a cash bar, make sure you let everyone know in advance so that they can ensure they have made provisions.

Along with letting your guests know the timeline of the day, we find wedding websites are a must-have! They give you a way of updating your guests as you lead up to your wedding, and of sharing helpful info with your guests. If you’re having an away wedding, a website is even more important. Give your guests transport and accommodation info - and let them know where to find amenities in the area.

Keeping your wedding guests in the loop helps them understand what to expect, and when to expect it.

wedding guest tips

8. Don’t Make it a Marathon

While we understand your church may not be next door to your reception venue, try and avoid long journeys between different venues. Requiring your guests to travel also means breaking up the atmosphere of the day, and while one trip might not be too bad - try and keep the mission to a minimum.

Guests want to be able to relax and enjoy your day. Keep in mind that different venues means guests won’t be as eager to catch taxis, and might rather drive their own vehicles. This introduces the risk of drinking and driving after the event. Think about your guests comfort and well-being when selecting your venue(s)!

dont make it a marathon

9. Provide Plenty of Seating

It might seem an obvious consideration, but it’s very important to ensure that across the different stages of your event there is plenty of seating for your guests. You will obviously have enough seats at the Ceremony & Reception, but don’t forget the Cocktail hour - girls in heels don’t want to stand!

Think of your elder guests too, and make certain you have a seating area / lounge areas available at your Reception where they can be comfortable away from the loud music of the dance floor.

seating - wedding guests

10. Be Thoughtful

Our final tip is just a note on thoughtfulness. Your wedding is ultimately about your love - and yes, it’s about you. But there’s a reason you’ve invited your friends and family to share this special day with you, and they should be made to feel welcome and looked after.

Make time to greet all of your guests, and to thank them for being there. Give a small token or favour to your guests, and a card or note of thanks. Remember to include them in your celebrations in as many ways as you can - and to make provisions to ensure that they are comfortable.

be a thoughtful host

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