10 Ways to Save! { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 08 May 2014

10 Ways to Save!

10 Ways to Cut Wedding Costs!

Planning a wedding according to your budget can be very stressful. Today we asked the experts for advice on cutting wedding costs without compromising on quality!

We’ve got 10 creative ways you can cut down your wedding costs, to help you create your dream wedding while sticking to your budget.

1. Get Your Timing Right

There are a few ways that your wedding date will effect your budget. Firstly, plan in advance so that you give yourself time to shop around. Even better, hire a wedding planner to help you get the best prices! Often couples think that hiring a planner will make their wedding more expensive, when actually a planner assists you with sourcing suppliers and products to suit your budget.

Also be aware of the more expensive seasons. Winter weddings are generally less expensive and can be really beautiful! Planning a Winter Wedding means venue discounts, and your suppliers are more likely to give you a better price on their services and products as winter is the quiet season for weddings.

Having your wedding on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday also means your venue hire costs will be cheaper. Although keep in mind that it’s generally more difficult for your guests to get time off work on these days.

If you carefully choose your wedding date, you can effectively cut your wedding costs while not compromising on the special things you want for your big day!

2. Second Hand or Demo Wedding Dresses

Your wedding dress doesn’t need to be new. You can find exceptional dresses that have never been worn for sale online! Sometimes Brides don’t end up wearing a dress they have bought, or want to sell their wedding dress after their wedding day. While this might not be an option for all Brides, keep in mind that the dress has only been worn once!

You can also find out from your favourite Bridal stores when they are having sales, or whether or not they have demo dresses in stock. These prices will be reduced.

3. Be Selective With Your Hiring

One of the reasons we always recommend a wedding planner, is that they can give you different options on your hiring and decor to reduce your costs. Going for Wimbledon instead of Tiffany chairs, carefully selecting the items for your centerpieces, and giving you good advice on what to hire, and what to purchase yourself.

Keep in mind that if your budget is tight you can always ask friends and family for help with items like glasses, cutlery and crockery. Mismatched items can look beautiful on a wedding table if properly co-ordinated, and it means saving on expensive hire, breakage and delivery costs.

4. Choose your DIY Projects

While we always caution Brides against too much DIY, because it can potentially look tacky if rushed and it adds to the stress of planning a wedding, there are some DIY projects worth pursuing!

It’s also important to work out what will really be cheaper if made at home, because often DIY projects can end up more expensive than if you had ordered from an experienced provider who makes in bulk. We suggest selecting DIY projects that are on a small scale. So items like small feature decor pieces, guest books, your seating chart or Bridal Party gifts.

This obviously also depends on your level of DIY experience, as some Brides are particularly talented when it comes to sewing, art or other crafts and may be more capable of taking on bigger DIY projects.

5. Pick Seasonal Blooms

We’ve written blogs before on the importance of selecting seasonal flowers. Speak to your local florist about which flowers are in season around your wedding date, and start from there. You can also include less expensive flowers in your arrangements to manage your centerpiece costs. Baby’s Breath and other fillers are a great way to save! So think carefully about seasonality and the flowers you’ll be using before sending pictures of bouquets you love to your florist!

6. Speak to Students

There are lots of wonderful wedding colleges with students who need work for their portfolios. They will be able to give you much better pricing than established businesses on items like flowers, stationery and decor. For your hair and make up you can also find local colleges with talented young students who would love to gain experience.

Ensure you schedule a trial before the day you can make sure you’ll be happy on your wedding!

7. Family and Friends

You’re bound to have an aunt or friend who loves sewing or flower arranging, or someone in your circle who is a capable videographer. If you need to find creative ways to save for your wedding day, why not ask for help from friends and family!

8. Bring A Bottle

We were recently introduced to the idea of asking each of your guests to ‘bring a bottle’ to the wedding. The drinks bill is one of the biggest expenses on your wedding day, and asking your guests to each bring a bottle of wine can help significantly cut down on that cost.

While it might not be an option for everyone, we think it’s a fun idea for Brides and Grooms having smaller weddings, and it’s much easier than guessing what your guests will want to drink.

9. Creative Catering

Your wedding catering can become exceptionally expensive, especially if guests are going to be spending the day and evening at your event. No one wants to go hungry, so there are creative ways you can keep your guests fed and happy without breaking the bank.

Some couples choose to cut the cake straight after the ceremony. This gives the guests a snack before dinner, and switches things up a bit. If you’re choosing to cut the cake before the reception, you might opt for a cheese wheel cake instead, so that you’re giving your guests something savoury instead of cake a lunch time.

You can also offer alternatives to canapes such as fresh fruit, picnic boxes or even a Spit Braai to cut down on your wedding catering costs.

Be sure to carefully select the recipes if you’ll be serving cocktails so that you don’t end up with very expensive welcome drinks. Choose cheaper mixes and alcohols if you’re looking to reduce the costs.

10.Keep an Eye Out For Awesome Wedding Deals!

Yes, we had to include wedding deals. Look for awesome promotional wedding deals where companies are selling a limited number of quality products for less. But be careful of lower quality products, and sites that might cheapen this concept. An easy way to identify if an ecommerce site sources quality products is through the quality of the site design, and the reputation of the associated vendors.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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