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Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 08 May 2014

15 Fun Bridal Shower Ideas!

Fun Bridal Shower Ideas!

15 of our Favourite South African Bridal Shower ideas - from games to photo displays, the ultimate list for Bridesmaids!

We’ve collected a few of our favourite fun ideas for Bridal Showers to give Bridesmaids fresh ideas on how to create a special shower for the Bride-to-be!

1. Add A Photo Display

If you’re looking for a fresh & fun idea for your Bridal Shower decor, you should try a beautiful photo display! Use fun photo’s of the future newlyweds, or pics of the Bride at different ages. There are so many fun ways to display the photographs at a Bachelorette / Bridal Shower - string on pretty twine or add to a vintage frame. You could also add them to the Wishing Tree! Get creative with photo’s for a personal decor touch we love!

We’ve featured a few of our favourite Bridal Shower photo displays to inspire you!

photo display ideas bridal shower

2. A Bridal Shower Dessert Bar

Dessert Bars or Candy Buffets are perfect for Bridal Showers / Bachelorettes because they always look so amazing, and give you a few cute ways to personalise the day. Add custom cupcake toppers or personalised straw flags, and include the Bride’s favourite sweet treats. Dessert Bars can also become a focal point in your Bridal Shower decor, so go wild & creative with how you display the different desserts!

Below are a few of our favourite Bachelorette and Bridal Shower fun Dessert Bar ideas!

bridal shower dessert bars

3. A Pretty Cake

While cupcakes and cake pops seem to take center stage at Bridal Showers, we still love a beautiful cake! Find a baker who can create a special cake in the theme & colours of your event, and for something extra - add a custom made Cake Topper!

bridal shower cake ideas

4. Bridal Shower Signs and Paper Styling Ideas

Signs are a must-have for any Bachelorette or Bridal Shower! Create a countdown until ‘she’s hitched’ or add a beautiful Welcome Sign at the entrance. We also love pretty chair signs & Bride-to-Be bunting.

Paper styling is an easy way to tie together the different decor elements of the Bridal Shower. Paper decor is also relatively cost effective and can be a really easy way to theme your day. Create little diamond rings and add to donuts or pretty place cards for your guests. There are lots of ways you can use signs & paper decor, we’ve got a few of our favourite fun ideas below!

fun signs and shower styling ideas

5. A Champagne or Mimosa Bar

A Champagne Bar is a great idea for a Bridal Shower, it’s also an elegant way of displaying bottles of Champagne - and hinting to guests to help themselves! To create a lovely Champagne Bar is also really easy.

A spin on a Champagne Bar is having a variety of fruit juices and fruit with the Champagne so the girls can make Mimosas! Label the different juices with lovely tags, and have a few suggested variations on the side. A Champagne or Mimosa Bar is a really fun & lovely touch, see a few pictures below to help you with yours!

Champagen and Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower

6. Cupcake Decorating

We recently found a ‘Pimp Your Cupcake’ bridal shower on Pinterest and thought it was a sweet idea for something fun at a Bridal Shower! Give each of your guests a cupcake and have lots of different decorating options for them to pick from. Ideas might be strawberries, sprinkles, chocolate and even different icing nozzles and piping bags. If you’re looking for something PG the whole family can get involved in, this might be a great idea for entertainment!

cucpake bridal shower fun

7. Pick a Theme for the Bridal Shower!

It might be obvious, but a theme is a great way to add something fun to a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette. Get creative with different ideas - like ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, The Bride’s favourite movie or something more classic like a High Tea or a Picnic. Asking everyone to dress to the theme also makes the day more fun! You could also get a special outfit or accessories for the Bride that you give to her on the day of the Bridal Shower, keeping it a secret until then!

bridal shower fun theme ideas

8. Fun Bridal Shower Game Ideas

Its never easy picking games for a Bridal Shower. You don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, but you want to make sure everyone has fun and no one is bored! Here are a few fun game ideas to inspire you:

Play the Question Game: Before the day, think of a list of questions to send to the groom about his Bride. They can range from fun and innocent - such as “what is your favourite holiday memory with *bride*” to a little more risque, like “what is your favourite pair of *Bride’s* underwear”. Remember to keep it PG if Gran’s and other family will be there. On the day ask the Bride the questions so that she can guess his answers. For every one she gets wrong, ask her to have a shot or a sip of her champagne.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses: Divide the girls into teams and give them each a whole lot of toilet paper. Each team needs to pick a ‘Bride’ to design a toilet paper wedding dress for. After the allocated time, the girls should model their dresses and a winning team will be picked!

Name that Lingerie:Ask guests to bring lingerie as a gift, and have the bride guess who gave her what as she unwraps them. You can also hang them on a line instead of wrapping them - which makes for a saucy addition to the decor!

Scavenger Hunt:For an awesome night out, build a custom “bucket list” or scavenger hunt for the day/night. Have the bride complete each task, and remember to take photos! If you want to get all the girls involved, you can create a list with dares for everyone to complete. The first girl finished wins a prize!

How well do you know your Groom? Another surprisingly difficult and fun bachelorette game is to have the Bride guess which body parts belong to her Groom. You’ll need to email the groom requesting close-up shots of a few of his bits (keep it clean) like his nose, eye, knee, elbow, belly button etc. Then mix them with photo’s of other mens bits and get the Bride to try and guess which ones belong to her Groom and stick them on a pin-up outline of a man. Penalties for each one she gets wrong!

Fun bridal shower games

9. Meaningful Keepsakes

Along with gifts for the Bride, it’s always lovely to be able to give her a keepsake gift that each guest contributes to. This might be a scrapbook or a collection of recipe cards. You could create a wishing tree, and have cards for the girls to fill out, or a Jar of ‘Date Night Ideas’.

Here are a few examples for fun & meaningful keepsakes to inspire you!

bridal shower meaningful gift ideas

10. Plan a Fun After-Party

If lots of family members will be at the Bridal Shower, you might want to plan an after party! Speak to the Bride about what she wants for her special day, and suggest that after the shower with the older guests the close friends go out somewhere fun! Remember to think about transport for the girls so that they don’t have to drive!

bridal shower after party ideas

11. Give the Girls Favours

It’s customary to ask each guest for a monetary contribution towards the Bridal Shower or a Bachelorette. This amount varies from R100 - R350 depending on what it will include such as transport, drinks, catering etc.

Thank the guests for being there by giving small favours such as Mason Jar cupcakes, pretty nailpolish or paper fans. Bridal Shower favours don’t need to be expensive, just a small token of appreciation for each of the girls.

Here are a few ideas for fun Bridal Shower favours we love!

bridal shower fun favour ideas

12. Bridal Shower Fun Catering & Cocktails

We love fun welcome drinks at a Bridal Shower! They always look so lovely on the tables, and can become a part of your decor & theme! Get creative with your catering too - think of unique ways you can display the food such as on mirrors, chalkboards or wooden palettes.

bridal shower catering and cocktail ideas

13. A Photo Booth & Props

You don’t need a professional photographer to set up a Bachelorette photo booth! If one of your friends has a camera & tripod, you can set up some furniture and props and have the perfect Bridal Shower DIY photo booth! It’s a great way of getting pics of all the girls, and is a lot of fun too.

bridal shower photo booth

14. Try Something New!

If you’re stuck for Bridal Shower entertainment, what about trying something new? Before the shower the Bridesmaids could all take a Yoga class, or you could arrange a perfume bar at the Shower! We also love the idea of wine & cheese tasting, or chocolate and wine pairing by an expert!

Think outside the box for new & fun ideas for a special Bridal Shower.

Bridal shower activity ideas

15. Make it a Surprise!

A surprise Bridal Shower is always so much fun! You’ll need to let all the girls know to keep it under wraps, and will also have to make sure the Bride is looked after and has something lovely to wear! Send out the invites letting everyone know the date, and that it’s a surprise shower, and arrange a spa day or something similar for the Bride before. You could also have a special invitation delivered to the Bride on the day, and have her sister or best friend arrange an outfit.

surprise bridal shower

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