3 Ways to Thank Dad at your Wedding { Ideas }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 26 June 2013

3 Ways to Thank Dad at your Wedding

3 Ways to show your Dad love & say ‘Thank You’ on your Wedding Day

While your groom might be the centre of your attention on your wedding day, you’ll probably want to show your Dad lots of love & appreciation too!

1. Get a Dad’s ‘First Look’ Shot!

Everyone wants to catch that amazing first look where the Groom sees his Bride for the first time. We think it’s a beautiful idea to do a similar shot with your Dad, catching the first time he sees his daughter in her wedding dress on her big day!

include dad in wedding

include dad in wedding

father of the bride

2. Give him A Special Thank You Gift

A gift for each of your parents is customary on your wedding day, and we love the idea of making it something meaningful & special. From custom cufflinks with a handwritten thank-you note, to a framed picture of you together when you were younger - there are so many wonderful ways to show gratitude to your father on your wedding day!

include your father in your wedding

include your father in your wedding

3. Make the Father-Daughter Dance Song a Surprise

Growing up there are probably so many songs that bring back wonderful memories of you & your Dad. Why not keep the song you’ll be dancing to together on the day he gives you away a surprise!

father daughter first dance

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