5 Creative Wedding Ideas { Inspiration }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 06 February 2015

5 Creative Wedding Ideas

5 New Creative Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for creative ways to make your wedding day unique? We’ve got some awesome new ideas for adding personality to your big day!

We blog a lot about creative wedding ideas at YesBabyDaily because we know how important it is to our Brides to add unique special touches to their weddings. We get lots of requests for ideas around different ways to do things - unique presentation, decor with a difference and creating something special while still sticking to favourite traditions.

So today we’re exploring a few new ways to add your unique touch to your wedding, and along the way we’ll guide you to some of our previous posts where we looked at other awesome wedding ideas you won’t want to miss!

Cool Wedding Drinks Coolers

Yes, waiters could serve all your wedding drinks on trays. And you know we love creative & quirky cocktails (you can get creative cocktail ideas here) but we hadn’t thought of all the options there are for amazing and creative wedding coolers!

It’s also a budget-friendly alternative to having to hire lots of staff for your wedding, and ensures that thirsty guests won’t be left waiting for a drink! So get creative with your wedding coolers and try wine barrels, rowing boats, the back of a cute bakkie or pickup truck (rustic country weddings) or even more traditional champagne buckets. You can set up a beautiful drinks station so that guests can help themselves!

creative wedding ideas - cool wedding coolers

Beautiful Boutonnieres

The groom doesn’t get much glory when it comes to accessories on the wedding day. While the Bride gets to choose beautiful makeup, a hairstyle, shoes, earrings, other jewellery, a bouquet etc etc - the Groom really just gets to choose his outfit. And often the Bride has a say in that too. So spoil him not only with a special gift on your wedding day, but get him involved in picking an amazing boutonniere!

While a simple rose is traditional, and still looks lovely, there are so many creative ways to spice up the Groom and Groomsmen boutonnieres!

creative weddings - beautiful boutonnieres

Wedding Signage & Messaging

We’ve already explored creative wedding signs previously, but there’s so much more you can do with sign posts and special words on your wedding day!

An idea we hadn’t thought of, which is also budget-friendly is writing in gold or silver on pretty balloons. What about introducing your guests to your bridal party with a picture wall? Or introducing your favourite messages on love and marriage as your guests arrive at your ceremony? We love creative wedding signs!

creative wedding ideas - wedding signs


Creative Wedding Catering

While we've already dedicated an entire post to Creative Wedding Catering Ideas there are just so many ways you can get creative with your wedding snacks and food!

Wedding catering can become a part of your entertainment by making it interesting and unique, integrate your theme into your wedding food and think of fun & quirky ways to serve your food to your guests.

Food trucks, ice cream bars, candy floss and popcorn machines are all unique ideas that will keep your guests entertained and add something really different to your wedding catering.

You can also get creative with the flavours & types of food you serve. Think Heston Blumenthal and add rock candy to your dessert, create alcoholic suckers or make your place cards edible!

creative wedding food ideas

Shoe Stickers

Okay, so shoe stickers aren’t exactly a ‘new’ idea. But they are still pretty awesome. Especially if you get custom made shoe stickers. We love the photos you can create with cute shoe stickers. It’s just another small detail that adds something unique & special!

shoe stickers creative wedding ideas

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