5 Fun Wedding Ideas { Ideas }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 29 April 2014

5 Fun Wedding Ideas

5 Fun Wedding Ideas

It can be quite stressful for Brides putting in months of planning, thinking over every detail of your wedding day, and then wondering “But are my friends and family going to have FUN?” We’ve all been to a wedding where seconds drag by like hours as you waited for a socially acceptable time to leave. It’s a Bride’s worst nightmare.

So we’ve done some searching and we’ve put together an awesome list of wedding ideas that are sure to up the fun-factor on your big day!

Before we dig in, there’s one universal truth that will undoubtedly set the tone for a fun and unforgettable day: It’s not all about you.

Of course a wedding is about two people making a lifelong commitment to each other - so it’s about your love, and your guests are there to celebrate your wedding. But just don’t forget - your guests are there, and not just to fill seats. No one wants to feel like an extra in your elaborate movie. These are the people who love and care about you and they play an important role in your marriage.

Down the line when marriage is hard work (and it will be) these are the people who will help you navigate the tough times, and who will remind you of the promises you made on your wedding day. They will be there to support you and to celebrate the good times. These people are not extras in your Perfect Wedding Movie, they are a living, breathing part of your future— and they deserve your love and attention!

If you want your wedding to be fun, then it needs to be just as much about your guests as it is about you!

1. Set the tone with your Invitations or Save the Dates

Even before your guests arrive you can set the tone with a fun Save the Date or Invitation. Whether that’s including a cute Save the Date photo, or building an amazing wedding website - there are lots of ways of building excitement for your big day! Fun doesn’t mean silly - it’s about adding a bit of personality and being original.

Some of our favourite fun wedding Invitations and Save the Dates are below. If you’re looking for something fun & budget friendly we’ve got a few amazing things you can get on YesBabyDaily too. We’ve got awesome personalised CDs that you could use as Save the Dates or Invitations - both the covers and the CD stickers are designed & customised just for you! So you could fill the CD with your favourite songs, or a turn it into a story about your relationship. There are lots of fun & creative ways you could use them as the most amazing, fun introduction to your wedding!

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fun wedding ideas invitations

fun wedding invitations

2. Make an Entrance

When you enter your reception for the first time as husband and wife, don’t just take a conventional arm-in-arm stroll. “Run. Skip. Dance. Swoop in on a rope swing!” suggests Alyssa Brown of AE Planning+Design in San Francisco. Brainstorm with your groom about the most creative, appropriate way to make a big impression. This is a great way to break the ice and create a fun vibe for the rest of your wedding night!

fun wedding entrance ideas

3. Jazz up Your First Dance

All eyes will be on you during your first dance, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to surprise your guests with something fun!

Imagine starting with a slow dance and then suddenly switching to a sexy Latin dance or a jazzy swing step. It’ll totally throw your guests and set the tone for a lively dance party.

While we agree that some of these routines can be a little cheesy, there are ways of toning it down while still ensuring that your first dance doesn’t put your guests to sleep - and opens up the dance floor for an awesome, fun wedding night ahead!

fun wedding dance

4. Get your Guests Involved in the Wedding Fun!

One way to prevent boredom is to get your guests involved in your wedding day fun! You can get a sign made with an Instagram hashtag for your wedding and give them an ‘eye spy’ list of special moments you want them to capture. You could create a wedding game like a fun crossword puzzle, or have a “Ring for A Kiss” bell on all the tables - when they ring the bell you have to kiss your groom.

Another way of getting your guests involved is Guest Ad Libs, where you give them incomplete sentences they can finish involving the Bride and Groom. It’s also an awesome addition to your wedding album - and a fun time-filler while you get your photos taken!

These are small but sweet ways of involving your guests and making your wedding different and fun!

fun wedding ideas

5. Keep something a Surprise

While we understand how exciting it is planning a wedding, and that most Brides can’t help but dish all the details on their big day - one way of adding to the fun is by keeping something a surprise.

You could hire an entertainer, have a live band - or even plan a fireworks display! It might be something small like a personalised letter for each guest, or something more extravagant like a fire breather or well-known musician. Having a special surprise is a great way of adding fun to your wedding day!

wedding fun surprise ideas

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