Top 3 First Dances { Inspiration }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 15 February 2013

Top 3 First Dances

Our Top 3 First Dance Videos

Not everyone wants to add to the nerves of their wedding day with a choreographed first dance. But those of us brave enough to rock out with an amazing first dance certainly add some WOW factor to their wedding - and entertain the guests! We found these awesome first dance videos, some of them had us in stitches, others had us in tears! This is the most incredible collection of First Dance Videos.

If you’d like your wedding to reflect your combined personality, a choreographed first dance is a great way to add individuality, as you can decide what style and song choice best represents you as a couple. While a funny first dance or a choreographed number might not be for everyone, maybe these will give you some inspiration to add something special to your first dance!

If you did a choreographed first dance, we could feature you on our blog! Send us an email at and share your first dance with us!

Got that Swing

A surprise to the wedding guests, this couple executes a fantastic routine, and they appear to have lots of fun doing it—which makes all the difference. The dance is called The Lindy Hop - a Swing Dance that evolved in the USA in the 1920s and 1930s. Perfect if you’re planning a vintage Gatsby wedding!

Tango & Salsa!

The best part of this video is one of the guests reactions - constant “oh my goodness” and “woooohoohoohohoooo” and “do the leg!” - it’s hilarious. The couple practices for three months to pull off this version of The Tango and adds a bit of Salsa too!

Can’t Touch This

We think these two are just too cute. While choreographed dances can be pretty cheesy, and definitely aren’t for everyone, these two somehow manage to pull it off! The dance is a lot of fun and shows that they’re a quirky couple!

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