Bridal Beauty Secrets from the Pros { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 24 April 2013

Bridal Beauty Secrets from the Pros

Bridal Beauty Secrets from the Pros!

No girl wants to walk down the aisle on a bad hair day, showing off a new red shiner on their chin or with bags under their eyes from sleepless nights from pre-wedding stress. So what do girls getting married do to make sure that they avoid these mishaps and can enjoy their day without feeling self-conscious about a bridal beauty disaster?

We scoured the web for the beauty best tips, local products and expert advice that you can follow to make sure that you look your absolute best on your big day!

bridal beauty secrets

Go to the Experts!

There was one comment that resounded across all the posts we read, and feedback from South African beauty professionals - the spa is your friend. While it’s always comforting to imagine that microwaving a banana, mixing it with honey and cinnamon and scrubbing it in anti-clockwise circles might achieve perfect skin - let’s not kid ourselves. Salons are there for a reason.

Beauty therapist Miranda Colbert says that “Brides should book a few spa treatments before the wedding, and should always include a facial. Start a few months before so you can see the results and give your skin time to adjust after the treatment.” If you are still looking for the perfect package for a pre-wedding makeover - we’ve put together an exclusive package from Chic Physique, one of Joburg’s leading Salons.

Our team selected seven treatments we think will help you achieve Goddess rejuvenation before your wedding day - and they’re giving our members over 50% off. Get the details & Purchase this Bridal Beauty Package

bridal beauty package

bridal beauty packages

Fight Winter Flakiness

Unfortunately a South African winter generally means dryer climate. With it, comes dry skin. But we have found the wonder product - SBR LipoCream. Seriously - write that down. We all bought a tube and tested it, and agree that it literally transforms dry skin over night. It works best on areas such as your lips (lip ice will only dry you out) hands, and even in moderation on your face. Use it to combat super-dry areas and expect amazing results.

For an all over silkiness we love Nivea’s Firming Body Lotion Q10 Plus. It’s not sticky and has the added bonus of active firming ingredients. Although for winter before bed you may need a more moisturizing option like Palmers Olive Butter Formula. It is deliciously moisturizing and has been voted by numerous publications as the best for thirsty skin. We’re fans.

Silky, Healthy Locks

Because of how often we blow dry and style our hair, it can become really damaged. Resulting in split-ends and dull lifeless locks. No one wants that on their wedding - or afterwards on their honeymoon! So what products can soon-to-be Brides use to make sure their hair is healthy, silky and soft for their wedding?

Moroccan Oil. It’s magic. Why it took so long for this miracle serum to popularize is beyond us because it’s the business. It doesn’t leave your hair greasy, it smells amazing and it’s quick and easy to apply. No twenty minute wait or tumble drying a towel and awkwardly applying to ensure optimum results. It just works.

L’oreal Elvive Nutrigloss While we have some strong advocates of Redken around these parts, the general consensus is that the L’oreal Elvive range is truly amazing for winter hair. And it’s affordable too! It results in shinier, softer hair after just one wash and it’s not as heavy on your budget as salon products.

You should also consider laying off the straightener for a few weeks leading up to your wedding. Give your hair a holiday from the heat treatments and go au natural. It’ll be well worth it.

Pre-Wedding Weight Loss

We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to shed a few before their big day. And while we genuinely believe that natural and healthy, curvy and womanly is truly beautiful (not fans of the lollipop look) it’s understandable to want to look toned and healthy before your wedding day. So we spoke to a few experts on the subject to get the best trim-down advice for our members!

bridal slim-down

Discipline& Routine.

While we’d all love to believe there’s an easy answer or quick fix to slimming down, an exercise routine, discipline, hard work and sticking to it are what will help you trim down. “Don’t even think about fat burners or gimmick products!” says personal trainer Jake Rogers. “All you will do is slow down your metabolism and lose muscle!” But if we do want to lose weight - and need a little help, what are our options?

“CLA is an option. It’s a natural alternative to unhealthy fat burners, and works well with a controlled diet.”

And we’ve narrowed down what we’ve seen works from a ‘controlled diet’. Lots of water. Avoiding carbs in the evenings. Lots of green veggies and plenty of protein. So while you might be wondering how on earth you’ll survive with all the cake tasting and delicious treats that are just asking to be tasted before your wedding day - stick to the 80/20 rule. Eat healthily during the week, and treat yourself on the weekends.

We think that embracing your figure and loving your body are more important than being a cut-out of the girls who are photoshopped in magazines. It’s not your profession to have to look like that. So live a little and don’t be too hard on yourself. Confidence and a beautiful smile, happiness from within are what makes a woman (and any bride) truly beautiful!

So those are our tips to fighting winter flakiness, getting silky locks and staying trim before your wedding day! If you know of amazing products - or have any treatments you know work wonders, add them in the comments so we can test them out!


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