Bridesmaid Feedback: Being a Cool Bride { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 23 July 2013

Bridesmaid Feedback: Being a Cool Bride

Being a Cool Bride: Bridesmaid Complaints

The tradition of bridesmaids dates back to Roman law when they used 10 witnesses to fool any evil spirits. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen dressed in identical outfits to the bride and groom so that the evil spirits wouldn’t know who was getting married.

At a contemporary wedding, the bridesmaids & groomsmen represent your oldest or closest friends - girls often have their sister by their side. These are the girls you choose to be your support-system, and it’s a symbol of friendship and love to pick them as your bridesmaids.

So you certainly don’t want to find that your phone stops ringing after the big day thanks to your Bridezilla behaviour - or that they didn’t really enjoy themselves because they spent the night fending off layers of taffeta that looked ready to attack. Be a Cool Bride. Be considerate to the friends and family members who stood by your side. It can be an expensive and time-consuming responsibility being a bridesmaid, so make sure that after the party is over - they don’t feel unappreciated.

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Being a Cool Bride: Let them Look Good

Today a bridal party represents the friends and family who have had a major impact in the lives of the bride and groom, the Bridesmaids represent the Bride. So let them look good and feel comfortable.

You might want to understandably give them guidelines on what to wear, which colours are incorporated in your theme - or even help them pick a dress. But don’t force them into wearing something they don’t like.

Yes, bridesmaid dresses can be difficult. They are most often expensive, in a fabric most women rarely wear, and must fit different body types. Not many women over the age of five want to buy a full pink floral dress. So yes, choosing bridesmaid dresses has inherent challenges, but there are ways to let each bridesmaid be the unique woman she is. If one looks great with a blowout while another bridesmaid would rather wear an updo, that’s cool. Making your friends look identical not only isn’t it flattering, it’s not modern.

Your pictures aren’t about capturing a blur of identical women; it is about capturing the women who have shaped your life. Matching lipstick, shoes, hair, etc. erases their individuality. There are no evil spirits out to sabotage your wedding day so there is no need to mould your bridal party into identical-looking robots next to the bride. Individuality is always an awesome element in a wedding.

And your girls will thank you for it too!

Being a Cool Bride: Comfort is Key

Remember that your Bridesmaids stand at your side for the length of your ceremony. While you might be wrapped up in your Grooms eyes, floating on clouds, it’s always considerate to think about making sure that your Bridesmaids either have heel-stoppers at longer garden ceremonies, or can take a seat. If you’re having a lengthy ceremony - chances are your bridesmaids will need somewhere to rest their feet. Especially if you want them to join you on the dance floor later!

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Being a Cool Bride: Be considerate of the Costs

While you certainly shouldn’t be dealing with complaining Bridesmaids - be aware of the costs associated with your big day. suggests for Bridesmaids who are struggling with the finances of a friends big day:

So what should you do if costs are getting out of control? Approach the maid of honor privately. Be upfront about what you can afford and offer ways to help defray costs. Saying “I can’t contribute more than $100 for the bridal shower, but I’d be happy to bake a cake and cookie favors” will get you a lot farther than “I’m not paying more than $100 for the bridal shower because I’ve got a lot of other things to worry about. Let them know well in advance so they don’t end up footing your bill.”

Also be aware of asking Bridesmaids to purchase items that they can’t afford. Don’t pick ridiculously priced Bridesmaids dresses and then expect them to foot the bill, unless they offer. And be upfront and ask them how much they are willing to spend on extras like hair and make-up, if you’re not covering those costs. Giving them the option of whether or not they want to get their hair and make-up done is also a subtle way of allowing them to reduce how much they spend.

Being a Cool Bride: Remember your Thank-Yous

Make sure you remember to thank your Bridesmaids. Whether it’s a small gift while you’re getting ready, or a letter telling them you appreciate their contribution and them being there. Saying thank you to the girls who are standing by your side is so important in making them feel like they are more than ornaments to your big day!

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