Budget Wedding Tips & Ideas { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 03 June 2013

Budget Wedding Tips & Ideas

Budget Wedding Tips & Ideas {Ways to Save}

Looking to cut down costs or need to save for that dream dress? Here is a collection of amazing budget wedding tips to help you cut costs while still having a beautiful wedding day!

Budget Wedding Tip #001 Pick the Right Flowers!

Instead of going for fancy, hard to find and (pricey) blooms, choose from more common flowers & greens. Your bouquets will still be beautiful. Daisies, button mums, standard carnations, miniature carnations, asiatic lilies, alstromeria, gladiolus and baby’s breath are all cheaper alternatives - and still look lovely!

Choose Flowers that are in Season & Stay away from holidays!

One of the best budget wedding ideas is to choose flowers that are in season. Spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, gladiolus, hydrangeas and iris are definitely cheaper in the spring. When you choose the same flowers at other times of the year - you will definately pay a premium.

Stay away from holidays such as Mother’s Day weekend and Valentine’s Day. These are huge holidays for the flower industry and the price can triple or more.

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Budget Wedding Tip #002 DIY Decor

Do it yourself decor such as handmade centrepieces and backdrops can save you thousands on your wedding! You might choose to also forego or DIY your wedding favours. What about upside-down wine glasses filled with wild flowers & candles as a cheaper alternative to hired chandeliers. You could also buy cheap tins and paint them yourself, and fill those with moss and baby’s breath.

Even hand-stamped DIY plain napkins will help you save big bucks - instead of getting fancy paper napkins that cost a fortune, or hiring expensive napkins. Hand-stamped napkins look gorgeous and make for a fun and quirky detail!

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Budget Wedding Tip #003 Let your Wedding Cake double as Dessert!

A clever budget bridal way to save is by forgetting plated dessert and instead letting your wedding cake double as dessert! You can also go for cupcakes (can a family member bake?) instead of traditional wedding cake which is usually vert expensive and can end up being wasted.

budget wedding ideas and tips

budget bridal tips

The Irreverent A-Z Wedding Guide’s Top 5 Budget Bridal Tips

1. Don’t get competitive.
Let’s face it, weddings these days have become somewhat competitive. Your best friend had a four-tier wedding cake? You want five tiers. Your sister had 100 candles lighting the reception? You want 101. Let it go. It’s just going to cost you.

2. Don’t waste booze.
It’s a nice gesture to have a couple of bottles of wine on each table but it’s a total waste of money. At the start of reception, wine is poured despite the fact that most people would prefer to drink something else. By the end of the night there are tables full of half drunk wine. Let the wine drinkers order from the bar like everyone else. Don’t serve shots. And definitely don’t serve energy drinks. Keep the Jäger bombs for your hen party, not your wedding.

3. Don’t get upstaged by a machine.
Every bride wants to make an entrance but the congregation should be gasping at your beauty and not because you arrived by helicopter/stretch hummer/unicorn. Spending thousands of Rand on over-the-top transport is a total waste of money. What’s wrong with a car?

4. Don’t give favours. Nobody expects them and nobody wants them. Harsh but true.

5. Don’t buy a wedding dress. Gasp! Fear not, we don’t mean that you should rock up in last season’s Zara but consider hiring instead of buying. After all, you’re only going to wear the dress once and (trust us) wedding dresses take up A LOT of room in your wardrobe. Room that could be better used for this season’s Zara. 

Another suggestion is buying a pre-owned dress. WeddingWear is a one-of-a-kind website that connects buyers and sellers of Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses.

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