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Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 25 April 2013

Did he do it Best?

You pick who did it best

did he do it best - most romantic proposal

We were overwhelmed with entries into our Proposal Competition, and were equally unaware that SA had so many romantic men who have gone above and beyond to surprise their special lady with a proposal to remember!

Picking a top three out of the 60+ submissions was incredibly difficult so we decided to choose the entries that were the most original – because all the submissions were romantic!

This was not an easy task. But here are our three leaders in our ‘Did he do it Best’ Competition.

To pick the winner, we’re opening up the voting polls to our awesome members and facebook fans. You choose which proposal you love best by commenting on this post - and they get a romantic Five Star getaway!

{Tracey & Stephen} Tintswalo Atlantic

Their story:

Tracey had received Swedish Massage as a gift from Stephen a month or so earlier, so she arrived at the spa and thought she had won a competition as they upgraded her to a mani, pedi and facial too!

The next day they left for Cape Town for a wedding and after spending time with friends they headed to Hout Bay for a delicious seafood lunch (Tracey’s favourite!)

She expected to be going straight to their BnB, but sneaky Stephen said their accommodation wasn’t ready and suggested they take a walk in the incredible Chapman’s Peak nature reserve. With Tracey having no idea what was going on (and guests normally needing to call in advance) she was surprised when they let them in and were greeted with welcome Champagne!

“I even told Steve we should pay for it as we weren’t guests and I was sure the champagne was for guests only. We had a lovely cocktail at the pool deck. I suggested we leave so that we weren’t late for dinner. Stephen suggested we take that walk on the beach.”

We walked on the beach I was taking photo’s because everything is so beautiful. He stopped on a rock. (Important for me because its better to build foundation on a rock instead of sand as it says in the Bible ) He looks at me and says “Trace there is something I have to ask you but first there is a lot I have to say.” He got down on one knee and while holding my hand and tears streaming down both my faces he said the most amazing speech. I’m sure he remembers all of it as it was so well rehearsed. My favourite parts was when he said that I’m the most amazing person and I always put others first, so much so that I don’t even realise I do it. He said a few lines in perfect portuguese. (Which is so special to me as he isn’t Portuguese but I am). Then he said that he will love me for the rest of this life and whatever may follow it. Then he said Will you marry me?

I said yes, yes of course. and then he took out the ring. It was so beautiful and so me and just like us a PERFECT FIT. We both stayed on the rocks a while, I took photos (I LOVE PHOTO’S). Then we started walking back to the car. As we walking back Steve turns around and opens one of the doors at this place. All our luggage was inside. All the staff knew and I had no idea. Our room was so beautiful I even took a photo of the toilet.

They had fresh roses in there for us as well as champagne. Steve opened the bubbly while I was taking pics of how beautiful everything was and then he says to me.

“A photographer will be here in twenty mins to do a photo shoot for us.”

Stephen really thought of everything! Not only did he pamper his lady, but he arranged a special surprise getaway and a photographer too! If this is your favourite Proposal tell us in the comments by voting for Stephen & Tracey!

most romantic proposals

{Kim & Gazza} Austrian Alps

Their story:

On a family holiday to beautiful Saalbach, Austria – Gazza popped the question… but not without a little grilling from Kim’s Dad and a secret whisper that promised him the place he had chosen was just right…

From Gazza:

Day 3 in Austria - 13/03/2012: We all met for lunch at Music Man, a view that is guaranteed to take your breath away every time. Kimmy casually lent over and whispered in my ear “If you were ever to propose to me, this would be a dream location!” Needless to say I knew I could tick that box very soon.

Day 4 in Austria - 14/03/2012: The day our lives would change forever. I was proposing to the woman of my dreams. It was a shocking morning of skiing, to put it lightly, as my mind was on one thing only - will she say yes?? After tumbling about 20 metres down a slope, lunch time approached and we were all set again to meet at Music Man again, a setting only to be described as perfect.

From Kim:

...Gazza asked me to join him up on the peak of the mountain for a couple of photos with the incredible backdrop. As we strolled up the peak, in the beautiful snow, little did I know my dreams were about to come true, in a location that only exists in fairytales. After several photos, I looked out at the view, fantasizing one last time, but as I brought myself back to reality, I turned around to see the man of my dreams with tears in his eyes, pulling me closer to him. At that moment I was in a place that is beyond and better than cloud 9, the happiest most beautiful place I have ever been to.

As my knees began to give in, tears streaming down our cheeks, Gazza said ” Remember what you said to me yesterday? Well my angel, I want to make all your dreams come true, will you marry me?”

As he slid the most breath-taking ring onto my finger, I can honestly say I have never felt so much happiness and love as I did right there. Somewhere between falling to the snow in my fiancé‘s arms, tears of happiness and never ending kisses, I managed to squeeze out that 3 letter word that is so commonly used, yet never has a meaning like it did at that moment!! YES!!!!

We shared a magical moment, that no words either of us can describe or explain how we felt. Not every girl can be so incredibly lucky to be proposed to by the man of her dreams, in a fairytale location, with a breath-taking ring, as well as getting to share this magical moment with her entire family.

When he proposed to me, between the tears of happiness, disbelief and my racing heart, the only words I heard were “Remember what you said to me yesterday? Well my angel, I want to make all your dreams come true. I am truly blessed with an emotional and caring fiance, so to see him there on one knee, a beautiful ring in his hand, tears streaming down his cheeks, while being surrounded by breathtaking snowy white mountains, I could not picture a more romantic moment if I tried.

happiness - most romantic proposal

{Gareth & Chanel} Rain & Waterfalls

Their story:

Gareth used the excuse that he hadn’t taken leave in a while and planned a romantic horse ride to a waterfall… but the weather had different plans…

“I told Chanel that all I want from the entire holiday was to swim in a pool below a waterfall - she didn’t suspect a thing! We went to a few different waterfalls, but all of them had railings around them you couldn’t get close. It was still drizzling, so we had raincoats on while doing our tourist-y sightseeing. We went to a small restaurant where we sat near the fireplace and had brunch. Just as it stopped raining, we jumped in the car and headed for Bridal Veil Falls. It was a long, slippery and wet hike with the wine, snacks and blanket that we took to have a picnic.

When we arrived at the falls, we were both awestruck!

There were no people there as everyone else had more sense than to visit waterfalls in this kind of weather - this made it absolutely perfect for a proposal. I threw off my shoes and socks and told her to join me - even though it was freezing I wanted to at least put my feet in the pool. She agreed and off we went. I stood in the water, facing her, with the waterfall behind me. As I went down on one knee (in the water), she tried to pull me up, telling me its cold (she still had no idea what I was doing). I took the ring out of my pocket and she asked what I am doing. I nervously opened the box and she said “Are you serious?” with a huge grin on her face. I told her “You are my best friend and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”. She started crying and said yes. We stood in the water and hugged and kissed for about 30 seconds and it started raining again. It felt like nature allowed us this moment.

We scurried to get the camera and goodies out of the rain and sheltered under an overhanging rock where we watched the rain and the waterfall.

We’re getting married in May 2014, and will continue to make each other smile ☺

most romantic proposal entry 3

You pick the winner by commenting with your favourite proposal!

Voting is now closed! The results are in!

We saw massive support for all three of these amazing couples - each story was beautiful and unique, and in the end the result came down to only a few votes separating them!

Across our Facebook post, Our inbox, Twitter & this blog there were nearly 300 votes. And the winners are… Stephen & Tracey!

Congratulations! We’ll be in touch to give you the details on your Romantic night away!

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