Full Colour Weddings { Inspiration }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 05 March 2014

Full Colour Weddings

Bright & Colourful Weddings

While most Brides opt for neutral colours, choosing white and grey and ivory with pastels for their wedding decor, why not get creative with a bright and beautiful full colour wedding!

Today we’re showcasing our favourite colourful weddings and wedding ideas to inspire you to add some bright touches - or go full-out with rainbow colours for your wedding.

Colourful Weddings & Decor Ideas

To start our post, we found a few of our favourite colourful wedding pictures to give our members an awesome introduction to colourful weddings. We love how carefree and contemporary this decor theme is!

To add colour to your general wedding decor, you can use brightly coloured chair ties or strips of colourful material across the ceiling of your venue or marquee. You can hang brightly coloured paper lanterns as beautiful lighting or make colourful pinwheels and other paper goods to add to your decorations!

Create colourful photo props for you and your Bridal Party to make for fun photo’s! We also love the use of brightly coloured ribbons, hanging from trees or as a ceremony backdrop.

See some of our favourite colourful wedding ideas below!

colourful and bright wedding ideas
bright and colourful wedding

bright colourful wedding ideas
bright and colourful weddings
wedding decor colourful
wedding decor ideas - bright and colourful
wedding theme - colourful

Colourful Wedding Tablescapes & Centerpieces

If you’re having a bright and colourful wedding, you’ll want to create beautiful centerpieces. So we want to share some amazing tablescape ideas to inspire you! Remember to pick a specific palette when you look at a bright and colourful wedding

colourful tablescapes at weddings
colourful wedding tables

Colourful Wedding Stationery and Styling

If you’re going for a contemporary bright and colourful wedding, you’ll want to introduce exciting colourful wedding stationery and styling. From invitations and seating charts that include bright colours, to confetti and place cards - we’ve got lots of amazing ideas and inspiration for a full-colour themed wedding!

colourful wedding stationery and styling ideas
bright wedding stationery and styling
colourful wedding invitations and menus
colourful fun invitations
brightly coloured wedding stationery

Colourful Wedding Catering and Cakes

Get colourful & creative with your catering ideas! Find colourful drinks & create lovely bottle stickers, use brightly coloured striped straws for your wedding cocktails - or make the wedding cocktails colourful!

We love the idea of beautiful candy or dessert bars at weddings! And these make for an awesome way to add colour to your decor through the catering. Fill vases and apothecary jars with colourful sweets, and have special dessert items made to match your wedding theme.

We collected some amazing colourful wedding ideas in pictures below!

bright colours wedding cakes and catering ideas
brightly coloured wedding catering ideas

Colourful Wedding Dresses & Grooms

For a colourful wedding, why not include some splashes of bright colour in the bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen outfits or even your own attire! We’ve got some colourful wedding dress and groomsmen inspiration below.

colourful wedding dresses and grooms
colourful wedding dresses and groomsmen clothes

Colourful Wedding Flowers

Your flowers are probably one of the easiest ways to add colours to your wedding day! We love beautiful bright blooms on wedding tables, especially colourful wild flowers amongst roses or peonies.

colourful wedding flowers
brightly coloured flowers at weddings
bright coloured flowers

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