Garden Wedding Ideas { Ideas }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 20 March 2014

Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas

If you’re having a garden wedding, we’ve got some lovely ideas to inspire you! From suitable (and affordable) favours, to garden whimsical decor inspiration- here are a few of our favourite garden wedding special touches.

Garden Wedding Ideas - Chair Decor & Details

Weddings come to life through beautiful special touches & creative details. Which is why we love adding lovely detail to ceremony chairs. Whether you just spruce up the chairs along the aisle, or the back row - think about creative ways you can add colour and interest to your garden wedding ceremony chairs.

A cost-effective option is using Shepherds Hooks and hanging mason jars filled with flowers along the aisle. While this isn’t technically chair decor, it’s an alternative to having rows of plain Wimbledon chairs. We love the use of ribbons in pastel colour palettes along the back row. Add lace ribbon for a more vintage effect.

You can also consider creating garlands or wreaths to add to your chairs. Take the garland along the whole inside of the aisle, or string along the chairs at the back for a beautiful garden wedding special touch!

garden wedding chair detail ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas - Paper Decor

Using contrasting textures, fabrics & colours is a sure way to create interesting elements in your wedding decor. For a garden wedding, there are so many fresh flowers & greens you can contrast that with paper items. Include little paper flowers amongst fresh bunches, or create giant paper flowers for a bold statement. With all the greenery and fresh floral decor, adding paper decorations is a clever contrast that can look amazing!

garden decor ideas for your wedding

Garden Wedding Favour Ideas

Planning a wedding means sourcing favours. And it can be the hardest decision, because so many favours seem cheesy and pointless. Do your guests really need a wine stopper or another hip flask? But favours are a gesture, and for us it’s all in the way they’re presented, and the thought behind them. Always add a note or tag with your wedding favours to make them more personal. Handmade favours are lovely and are more sentimental than something ready-bought.

Either way, while many blogs may tell you that favours are losing popularity - we tend to disagree. Especially for weddings where your guests have had to travel. To ensure that your favours aren’t a waste of budget, keep them simple and personalise them as much as possible.

Here are a few of our favourite favour ideas for a garden wedding!

garden wedding favours

Garden Wedding Special Touches & Decor Ideas

Garden weddings offer you a beautiful canvas for your wedding. You’re already blessed with lovely flowers, trees & an amazing backdrop - so accentuate these natural elements with special touches and clever decor ideas.

Here are some lovely ideas for a garden wedding to inspire you!

garden wedding decor ideas
garden weddings
garden wedding decor
garden wedding decorations

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