Online Wedding Invitations Review { Inspiration }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 26 June 2013

Online Wedding Invitations Review

Online Wedding Invitations Review {We look at the most popular Online Wedding Invite Services)

With printed invites being quite expensive, and our focus on online growing it’s easy to understand why lots of modern brides turn to the web for their wedding invitations. For some this means getting a graphic designer on board, for others it’s the search for a service that won’t be cheesy – and will allow for simple tracking of RSVP’s.

Well we’ve sent our team on an online hunt for the best online wedding invitation services. We tested them and got feedback from recipients – we even sent them to a few Grandmother’s just to ensure that they were completely user friendly.

These are our favourite Online Wedding Invitation services, tried and tested and given the thumbs-up.

Paperless Post

Great if you want: A service that allows you to build and customize an online card, with lots of beautifully designed templates. You can also track RSVPs and guests can post comments.

paperless post 1

paperless post 3

What we love

Paperless post provides an easy-to-edit service for online Save the Dates and online Invitations. You have a beautiful selection to choose from and everything from the envelope liner to the postage stamp can be customised, which is great. Another lovely feature is the animation – which adds another dimension to the service and really leaves an impact on your guests. It allows for easy RSVP tracking and guests can leave messages – another great feature. Overall, this is one of our favourite services.

What we don’t love

That once you’ve sent one invite – you can’t really use it again to the same people. While the animation and style is beautiful, if you’ve used it once the novelty may wear off a second time. It’s sort of like that show stopping dress you can only wear once because everyone remembers it.

Keep in Mind

You pay per send and you also pay for little extras so it can end up quite expensive.

Average Cost for 100 invites:

$45 / R387

modern day invite

Great if you want: An invitation that includes a photomontage with background music, and the ability to track RSVPs.

What we love

It gives you your own page, and you can create a montage of photos you love.

What we don’t love

It’s borderline cheesy and it lacks a bit of design flair.

Keep in Mind

Your invitation and RSVP status will be saved on the site for 1 year after you first send your email wedding invitation.

Average Cost for 100 invites:

$35 / R301


Great if you want: A full-page invite, and the ability to upload your own design. You can also track RSVPs and send straight from your mail client.

greenvelope review

greenvelope 2

What we love

You can upload your own design and just use the service.

What we don’t love

There are limited designs, so we wouldn’t pick this invitation service if we wanted to find a pretty pre-made design.

Keep in Mind

It’s a fixed cost for up to 300 guests, so you can’t select a pricing option for fewer guests.

Average Cost for 300 invites:

Save the Dates: $29 / R250
Trackable RSVP Invites: $99 / R852


Great if you want: Something quick, easy and fun. Lots of animated cards to choose from!

smile box review 1

smile box review 2

What we love

It’s quirky and includes some cute and original animated templates.

What we don’t love

Some of the music and the potential cheese-factor. 

Keep in Mind

The free version includes ads. If you purchase the upgrade you can use your own music and lose those pesky ads. 

Average Cost for 100 invites:

*You get unlimited sends with the choice of an annual or monthly fee

Annual fee: $39.99 / R344
Monthly fee: $5.99 / R52

*Please note: All average costs were accurate at time of publishing. We are not responsible in any way for inaccurate or incorrect price data.

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