Build a Realistic Wedding Budget - Wedding Pricing Guide { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 04 January 2013

Build a Realistic Wedding Budget - Wedding Pricing Guide

A Wedding Pricing Guide {Building Your Budget}

As you start to budget for your wedding day and build that all-important wedding budget, it’s important to understand what the average cost is for different items. This pricing guide uses industry average costs, as per guides given to us by wedding planners & event co-ordinators. This is simply a rough guide, to help you build a realistic budget.

Each Bride and Groom will have different elements that are most important to them, maybe as a couple you are big foodies so you’d like to serve up a gourmet meal and so you’ll spend more on catering. Maybe you have a dream wedding dress designer who is more expensive and would prefer to cut down costs in certain areas to get your dream dress! Each wedding is very personal, and so each budget will be too.

This is a guide to help you put together a basic budget - and to assist you in comparing prices so that you have a comparative number to work with.

Budgeting for The Venue

Venue hire costs will be dependent on multiple elements, including whether you pay price per head, if venue hire is included when you book out all the accommodation, which season you will be getting married in (winter is less expensive) and which day of the week you hold your wedding.

Low End: R 2 000 Average: R 10 000 High End: R25 000+

Budgeting for The Dress

There are ways to save money on your wedding dress - you could choose to hire a dress, purchase a previously worn dress (or one that was bought but never worn) and you can shop around for special discounts and wait for sales.

Low End: R 5 000 Average: R 10 500 High End: R25 000+

Wedding Shoes & Accessories

Depending on your jewelry and whether or not you’ll be splashing out on designer heels, this expense can vary significantly. Don’t forget your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue & a silver penny in your shoe!

Low End: R 1 500 Average: R 3 000 High End: R8 000+

shoe budget wedding

Bridal Make Up

Your make up is an exceptionally important element on the day. You’ll definitely want to have a trial run, which you usually pay for.

Low End: R 500 Average: R 1 200 High End: R1 500+

Bridal Hair & Beauty

There will be lots of pampering before your big day. Manicures, pedicures, maybe sunbed or a spray tan. This can be quite expensive too!

Low End: R 1 000 Average: R 2 300 High End: R3 500+

Invitations & Save The Dates

Your wedding invitations & Save the Dates are your guests first peak (and impression) of your wedding day! It has become one of those elements that couples like to splash out on - and have fun with! We have some amazing invitation & save the date inspiration!/em>

Low End: R20.00 or less per invitation

Average: R 45.00 per invitation

High End: R80.00 or more per invitation

Your Bridesmaids

Some Brides allow their bridesmaids to buy their dresses. Although because your girls often spend lots of time (and effort) on your wedding day, if you are able to pay for their dresses it’s a lovely gesture. It is traditional for the bridesmaids to cover their hair and make up costs but again that’s up to you. You will also want to buy them a gift to say thank you, and you might put together a bridesmaids proposal. This is another one of those aspects of your budget that can be as inexpensive, or as expensive as your budget allows.

Low End: R 1 000 Average: R 2 000 High End: R3 500+

bridesmaids budget

The Groomsmen

Again, it is up to you how you handle the suit costs, whether you hire or purchase suits (or if you ask the groomsmen to wear something they already own.) You may want to purchase additional accessories and your Groom may also want to give his men a gift on the day. 

Low End: R 1 500 Average: R 3 000 High End: R5 500+

Your Bouquet & Bridesmaids Bouquets

Some Brides choose a low-key bouquet with beautiful wild flowers. Others want a keepsake and purchase a jeweled bouquet which is later framed.

Low End: R 550 Average: R 700 High End: R1 500+

bouquet price comparison

The Groom’s Suit, Shoes & Accessories

Your Groom will also want to suit up on the day and choose some special touches for his attire.

Low End: R 1 850 Average: R 3 500 High End: R 6 000+

Your Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is an integral part of your big day (cutting the cake!) The cost will depend on the detail, sugaring & designs. Our prices are based on a cake for 80 -100 people.

Low End: R 1 250 Average: R 3 500 High End: R5 500+

Drinks & Catering

The food & drinks will vary based on how many courses you’re serving, if it’s sit down or buffet - and whether or not you will be paying for all the drinks. Traditionally it’s the Groom’s job to pick up the drinks tab. It has however become increasingly popular to only pay for the champagne for toasts, wine for the tables and then have a cash bar. It’s entirely up to what your budget allows. This is again based on 100 guests.

Low End: R 15 000 Average: R 30 000 High End: R 45 000+

Decor, Flowers, Centrepieces & Hiring

How much of the decor does your venue provide? Will you need to hire a marque? Are tables and chairs included for the ceremony? These are all aspects that will effect the price of your decor & hiring - consider these questions when you pick a venue!

Low End: R 10 000 Average: R 65 000 High End: R 100 000+


One day all you’ll have left of your wedding day will be the wonderful memories & beautiful photographs. Don’t skimp on your photographer!

Low End: R 9 500 Average: R 19 500 High End: R 23 500+


Do you need to get to your wedding venue & ceremony? Don’t forget to budget for transport? If you want to save, you can always travel in your own car (or a friend or family member’s car). You might also need to arrange transport for the Bridal party, and the Groom and his Groomsmen. This is again dependent on how much you want to spend, whether or not you need transport - and the type of transport you want.

Low End: 2 000 Average: R 3 500 High End: R 5 000+

trasnport costs

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We know it’s not easy building a realistic wedding budget - and sticking to it! Every bride has different things they think are important, and you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re making sacrifices! Don’t forget to shop our store for beautiful, high-quality and affordable South African wedding things.

You can also get in touch with our team for help! We are always here to assist South African brides in sourcing hard to find products, helping find what you need within your budget, and we can give you advice on vendors & pricing.

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