Should I hire a Wedding Videographer? { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 10 June 2013

Should I hire a Wedding Videographer?

Should I get a Wedding Videographer?

During the madness of planning a wedding, trying to fit in all the important aspects of your big day and moulding the ‘must haves’ around your budget - one of the questions you’re probably asking yourself is ‘Should I get a wedding videographer?’

Wedding Videographer: A Must or A Maybe?

There are so many Brides who have spent Sunday afternoons with family reliving their parents wedding through the wedding video. And what a beautiful memory that you can share with them in a way that photographs can’t offer. You can watch the Groom saying his speech, see those funny scenes on the dance floor, and experience the amazing ‘I Do’ moments.

While this could be captured by a family member if your budget just can’t squeeze in anything extra, here at YesBaby we think that a wedding videographer would be one of our ‘Must Haves’. And here are a few reasons why:

They won’t miss the big moments

One of the benefits of having a professional on board when it comes to your wedding video, is that you can give them a ‘shot list’ and be certain that they won’t miss the Big Moments. Uncle Bob on the other hand might not have the same professional dedication, and instead of seeing the Groom’s face when he sees the Bride for the first time - you might get a shot trough Aunt Gertrude’s feather fascinator, have an out of focus, blurry version of the action or instead have creative shots of guests shoes. A professional has the experience to ensure that the moments you want captured - will all be there in focus, and with flair.

High Quality

It’s a no-brainer that the quality of a family video versus a professional camera, handled by a professional videographer will be vastly different. And while some of us like to believe that we could achieve a similar result - it’s highly unlikely. You want to be able to show these moments to your children, grand children, and a professional videographer will make sure that you get the high quality and exquisite shots you’ll want!

Something Special

There’s something very special about the way that a trained eye will capture your venue, your dress and the memories of your wedding day. And while we could try and describe this in words, the best way to illustrate the tear-jerking, beautiful quality of professional wedding videos is by sharing a few of our favourites with you by Storyboard Productions.

Storyboard Productions: Boundless creativity. Inspired wedding videography.

We could start by telling you about our videographer, techniques and the weddings we’ve filmed, but at Storyboard Productions it’s not about us: It’s about you and your partner, honouring one of life’s biggest commitments.

From the moment the suit and gown are brought out, we’re there to capture the magic as it happens – the delicate hairclips that keep every strand in place, the straightening of a tie, the tiny buttons on a fairy tale gown, that twinkle in a groom’s eye when he catches sight of his bride… Every detail, laugh and memory, down to the little moments that so often go lost between the tears and confetti.

With a trained eye and steady hand we capture the most significant and precious moments of your wedding day, to compose a priceless piece that tells the magical story of two lives intertwining and becoming one. Expect high quality video footage, fresh perspective, boundless creativity and an experienced yet subtle approach.

We believe that every couple deserves to relive the joy of their wedding day a millions times over, which is why we offer packages that cater to different budgets.

Find out more about Storyboard Productions South African Wedding Videography


Annette and Dirk Highlights from Storyboard Productions on Vimeo.


Kate + Christian Highlights video from Storyboard Productions on Vimeo.

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