The Top Five Wedding Guest Complaints { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 04 March 2014

The Top Five Wedding Guest Complaints

The Top Five Wedding Guest Complaints - and how to avoid them!

wedding mistakes to avoid

1. Picking a Selfish Date

When picking your wedding date, be considerate. Try and avoid family holidays like Christmas, Easter and religious holidays, unless you’re only having your family at the wedding. You should also stay away from big sporting event finals, unless you don’t mind sneaky score-peaking all through your ceremony.

Days to avoid also include Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and Valentines day when your guests might want to share special time with their loved ones. Remember, while this might be the biggest moment of your life - it isn’t theirs. Be considerate and your guests will be grateful!

Wedding Date Picking Tip: If you can, try not have your wedding in the middle of December when flights and accommodation prices soar, and finding a hotel will not only be more expensive, it’ll be a lot more difficult for out of town guests.

top wedding mistakes to avoid

2. Lengthy Wait Between the Reception & Ceremony

Think of your guests while you’re off having your photographs taken. You want to be able to savour this special time with your husband and bridal party, so make sure your guests are happy! If you’re having a cash bar, you don’t want everyone to wait for ages in a queue after the ceremony. Consider including a ‘Welcome Drink’ that everyone will receive after the ceremony to keep your guests refreshed.

It’s also great to have something to nibble on in between the ceremony and dinner. To cut down on the cost of canapes you could consider a cheese board with bread & biscuits, or even cutting the cake directly after your ceremony.

Entertain your guests during this time with a band or roaming musicians. If your budget is tight, why not have your Guest Book out at this time, or some fun Guest Ad Libs?

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3. Bad Bathrooms

While seems quite a basic requirement, having well-equipped bathrooms makes a big difference to the ladies at your wedding! Make sure the facilities are sufficient for the number of people attending and that they have some basic luxuries like hand towels, hand wash, air freshener, and will be routinely cleaned more than once during the night.

Some Brides also like to include a comfort basket in the bathroom with a few extras like perfume, hand cream, facial tissues, and emergency items like safety pins and headache tablets. These small details are easy to arrange and will make a big difference to your guests!

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4. Ungracious Hosts

The last thing you want guests saying is you were an ungracious host during your wedding festivities. A few ways to come across as ungrateful: not greeting guests, offering no “thank you” to guests and not sending thank you notes.

Make sure that during toasts you thank guests who have travelled to be there, and that you show gratitude for them sharing this special day with you.

Keep in mind how the way you treat your guests translates into the atmosphere of your wedding day. Especially watch out for Bridezilla-like behaviour when it comes to the ladies you’ve invited. Don’t invite anyone who might bring a negative vibe, and if you have a fall-out with someone before the wedding, it might be better to politely un-invite them instead of suffering the consequences of catty comments on your wedding day.

wedding mistakes to avoid

5. Hungry & Bored

There are three things you can’t have enough of at your wedding: great friends, great food & great memories. And if you’re planning on a long night of festivities, make sure your guests don’t go hungry! Keep the speeches and toasts to a reasonable length, make sure your DJ has a wicked playlist up his sleeve and add something fun to entertain your friends and family.

These are our top five most common wedding complaints and how to avoid them. If you can think of any other wedding big mistakes for our Brides to avoid, let us know in the comments!

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