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Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 26 May 2014

The Wedding Shoe Game!

The Wedding Shoe Game

We’ve featured a fair amount of fun ideas to spice up your wedding, from our post on 5 Fun Wedding Ideas, to our post on Wedding Games.

The Wedding Shoe Game is a classic way to add something fun to your reception, and it also gives your guests some insight into your relationship (we love personalised weddings!)

How The Shoe Game Works

The bride and groom are usually set up sitting on chairs, or can be standing depending on how many questions there are, with their backs towards one another. You should try and place yourselves so that the most guests can see you, and can see who is holding up which shoe!

The Bride and Groom take off their shoes and exchange one of them (so each has one of the bride’s shoes and one of the groom’s shoes). And then the designated person (MC, Bridesmaid, Best Man etc) asks a series of questions about the couple. For example: “Who is messier?”, “Who is the better driver?”, “Who is more romantic?”

The couple must raise the shoe that represents them or their partner, often with hilarious results!

The wedding shoe game

Twists on the Shoe Game

You can also get your guests involved in the fun by having them offer up questions. You can either place someone in charge of collecting questions from guests, or have the MC open the floor to questions (just beware of potential inappropriate questions if you’ve got older family members there!)

You can have your guests write down their questions during dinner on provided paper, and you’re sure to get some really outrageous questions and great answers.

You can also get two or three other couples (parents, siblings or best friends) to play the shoe game with the bride and groom to make it more fun & interactive! It’s also funny for the guests to be able to compare between the couples. You can award the couple with the most ‘same’ answers at the end!

Another variation of the shoe game is using this format instead of tossing the bouquet. Get all the ladies at your wedding to come to the front and give them each a paddle with Bride on the one side & Groom on the other. Ask a series of questions with more specific answers.

50 Shoe Game Question Ideas & Suggestions

1. Who made the first move?

2. Who makes the other breakfast most often?

3. Who says I’m Sorry first after an argument?

4. Who is more untidy?

5. Who is better at keeping secrets?

6. Who is better with directions?

7. Who is the bigger flirt?

8. Who is worse at telling jokes?

9. Who runs a better bath?

10. Who is worse at budgeting?

11. Who is better at sports?

12. Who is more addicted to chocolate?

13. Who wears the pants?

14. Who planned more of the wedding details?

15. Who was more excited about today?

16. Who watches the most TV?

17. Who picks what channel you watch most often?

18: Who takes longer to get ready?

19: Who is more obsessed with their hair?

20: Who is more likely to make you late?

21: Who will be the stricter parent?

22: Whose bedside table is messier?

23: Who hogs the biggest portion of the bed?

24: Who pulled in for the first kiss?

25: Who said I Love You first?

26: Who talks the most?

27: Which one of you is the most organised?

28: Who plans the best date nights?

29: Which one of you has the shortest attention span?

30: Who was more persistent when you started dating?

31: Who picked the first dance song?

32: Which one of you snores the loudest?

33: Who is more likely to wake up with a hangover?

34: If one of you was secretly a Spy, who would it be?

35: Who has better general knowledge?

36: Who has a secret celebrity crush?

37: If you were to go on a spontaneous holiday, which of you is more likely to freak out about not having anything planned?

38. Who cooks the best dinners?

39: Whose cupboards are the messiest?

40: Who is more openly loving?

41: Who is the better dancer?

42: Who is the better drunk dancer?

43: Which one of you spends the most time on social media?

44: Who is more creative?

45. Who is more of a perfectionist?

46: Which one of you is more likely to redecorate?

47: Who falls asleep first?

48: Who is better at surprising the other?

49: Who will be the first to want to have children?

50: Who is the most in love (Bride and Groom are sure to hold up both shoes for a cute ending.)

You can find more question ideas here

Wedding shoe game


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