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Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 15 July 2013

This is a Story of Boy Meets Girl

BOY MEETS GIRL yes baby daily

Boy Meets Girl Competition

We have our three finalists in our BoyMeetsGirl Competition! You pick your favourite & WIN them a Getaway!

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The Details of the Competition

Tell us your ‘Boy Meets Girl’ Story & WIN a Romantic Night Away!

Was it a ‘love at first site’ moment - a collision of two souls destined to meet. Or did he just spill sauce on your shoes?
Did you lock eyes and know, as your favourite song (which is also his favourite song) played in the background, that within his eyes lay the whisper of your combined destiny?
Or did he stumble across a crowded club and drop his best (read worst) pickup line while you whispered emergency signals to your best friend.

Whether it was funny, fantastic or downright ridiculous – we want to hear your story! ‪#‎boymeetsgirl‬

Simply share with us how you met your boyfriend, fiancé or husband by Inboxing us on facebook or emailing us at and if we think your story rocks – we could be whisking you away!

boy meets girl

1. Xenye & Joost’s Story

“My boyfriend and I met at varsity after a friend of mine pointed him out to me one day walking through campus. My friend realised his Dad was my mom’s varsity sweetheart back in her day (they dated for 5 years).

I went up to this guy one day in the student centre, tapped him on the shoulder and said ‘our parents dated in varsity, and thus I feel like we should be friends’.

1 year later we are happily dating and super in love. Also, just the cherry on top -  we found out our parents had actually been married once!

Technically I am now dating my mom’s ex husbad’s son once in a life time story…? I think so!!! #boymeetsgirl

boy meets girl

2. Nici & Craig’s Story

“I met my boyfriend at the Plattekloof Planet Fitness! I went to do my thing, while my friend Jonathan and his friend Craig played squash.

When I was done with my routine, I went upstairs to watch the end of the game. Craig was so busy trying to grin at me and look cool, that he wasnt paying attention to the squash ball, and as he turned to face forward, the ball hit him right in the middle of his bottom lip!

Jonathan was in hysterics, on the floor laughing, and Craig’s lip was bleeding. He still persisted to flirt with me, split lip and all!  We have been together for almost 4 and a half years now, about to buy a house together, and the 3 of us are now best friends!

boy meets girl scotland

3. Elrica & Mike’s Story

“I knew my, now husband, for about a year. We worked together in an Outdoor Shop in London. He was the trainer that came in to train us on a weekly basis on outdoor gear that we sold in the store and I was a sales person.

On a trip to Scotland to test some Winter Mountaineering gear, from ice axes to crampons and B3 boots. In the Scottish snow something just clicked. The excitement of going out everyday in snow where we got to climb, hike and glide got so much for me that I bubbled over of sheer joy. This got him noticing this South African girl. I mean really, what do I know about snow? I was like a kid in a double story candy shop!

On our last day out on the Mountain my group came down first to find Mike at base-camp completely GREY in pain. This Irishman lifted all this heavy gear on his own and threw his back out! He looked like Quasimodo, hunched over and waggling like a duck!

I burst out laughing, because it was hilarious! Well, it was to me, and my South African humour was at first questioned and then the British and Scotsmen joined in. This was the moment that we just clicked. We both knew there was something tangible in the air and it wasn’t the cold Scottish Winter!

He took a horse-tranquilizer pill of some sort and we headed back to London the next day. He eventually asked me out in the shop between all the outdoor gear… This match wasn’t made in Heaven, it was made in the Highlands of Scotland!

Yesterday we’ve been married for 5 years and we still laugh about him throwing his back out. He gets it now, South Africans have a funny sense of humour!

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