Top 5 DIY Wedding Favour Boxes { Inspiration }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 03 July 2013

Top 5 DIY Wedding Favour Boxes

Top 5 DIY Wedding Favour Boxes

Are your wedding favours going to be gift boxed? Here are 5 pretty DIY ideas for the loveliest wedding favour boxes!

Getting Started: Your Box

Small gift boxes can be purchased at party stores or at stationery outlets. Find your perfect box at a discount price by shopping around, and asking for a bulk discount. Wholesale party stores are a good place to start!

DIY Favour Boxes #1 : Love Letters

A quick and pretty DIY way to pretty-up your wedding favour boxes is by cutting out stenciled white letters. Use a pliable white cardboard and a large stencil to trace the first letter of the guests name or surname. Alternatively, you may want to use your initials instead with an ampersand ‘&’ sign.

For this style of favour gift wrapping, you can customise and match your theme by choosing coloured tissue paper in your wedding colours, or by using coloured cardboard cut in the shape of a heart on top of your box.

Use pretty ribbon for an extra special touch

favour gift wrapping

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DIY Favour Boxes #2 : Use Yarn

Yarn or wool is a cost-effective and creative way to decorate your favour boxes. Use different colours in rainbow shades or go Ombre for a trendy splash of colour!

yarn favour boxes

DIY Favour Boxes #3 : Buttoned-Up

Buttons can be used to seal your box ribbon with craft glue, or you can cover a plain box in an array of colourful buttons! Create an interesting effect by using buttons of different sizes, or pretty shaped buttons for a special touch.

Buttons can also be used to spell out letters or to create different shapes. Trace out a heart and fill it with buttons, or use them to make up the guests initials.

button favour boxes

DIY Favour Boxes #4 : Flower-Topped

Floral accents in pastel shades can add a whole lot of pretty without a lot of work. You can choose to use fresh flowers, secure in place with florists wire - or you can use plastic flowers that won’t fade. If you’re handy at DIY you could also try making beautiful paper origami flowers, or pick a soft fabric and make them out of material you love.

Flowers make such an easy and lovely way to decorate your favour boxes!

flower favor boxes

DIY Favour Boxes #5 : Elegant Tassles

For a more traditional and elegant way to open your favour boxes, purchase small tassles from a haberdashery and use them instead of pull tabs on your favour boxes!

tassle favour boxes

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