Top SA Wedding Photographers { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 06 August 2013

Top SA Wedding Photographers

The Top South African Wedding Photographers

Picking a wedding photographer can be a tough decision. But if there’s one thing we’ve heard time and time again from our been-there Brides it’s that the budget spent on getting one of the best wedding photographers in the country is never a waste. Because after your wedding day all you have left are the memories, and the photographs.

You don’t want to be disappointed with the results. While hiring one of the best photographers in South Africa might be expensive, we suggest making this one of your priority costs to avoid disappointment and to ensure that you are 100% happy with the photographs you get back from your big day!

So below we’ve listed our list of Top South African Wedding Photographers from member feedback, Bride’s recommendations and industry referrals. We’ve also linked to each of their blogs or websites so that you can explore their work further and to help you discover the perfect South African photographer to capture your wedding day!

In no particular order, here are our Top SA Wedding Photographers. We’ve tried to pick photographers with a variety of different styles, so no matter what your preference is for your wedding photography wether it’s more high fashion, or vintage and soft - we’ve got a few of the best local photographers listed to help you pick yours!

Title image credit - Louise Vorster

Jules Morgan - Cape Town Wedding Photographer

Jules Morgan is a creative & inspirational Cape Town wedding photographer who has won numerous coveted awards in the Sony Profoto Awards and Fujifilm Awards. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Fair Lady Bride and Top Billing, and she has years of experience beautifully capturing South African weddings.

She says about herself on her blog: “I stumbled into wedding photography 7 years ago and haven’t looked back since. I love the thrill, excitement and pressure of a wedding day. Looking out for unique details, interesting light, amazing connections between couples and families - my aim is to create beautiful images that convey the emotion of your day”

Visit her wedding photography portfolio
Image Credits: Jules Morgan Wedding Photography
Follow her on Twitter @sa_photographer

top south african wedding photographers jules morgan
top cape town wedding photographers jules morgan

Zara Zoo South African Wedding Photography

ZaraZoo’s team of Cape Town Wedding Photographers operate in South Africa, the UK and Europe.

Their photographic style tends to lean towards a photo-journalistic approach; they state on their site “we aim to document rather than dictate. Our Philosophy: Let your wedding hinge around the enjoyment of the day with your family and friends; the photos should be the end result of a fabulous day of celebrations!”

Visit their wedding photography portfolio
Image Credits: Zara Zoo Photography
Follow them on Twitter @zarazoo

top sa wedding photographers zara zoo
top south african wedding photographer zara zoo

Christine Meintjes Wedding Photography

Christine Meintjes is one of our all-time favourite local photographers! Her wedding photography has an indescribably beautiful, feminine feeling to it. She has the ability to so perfectly capture the emotions of your wedding day through her photography!

On her website she says “Being a photographer is a big privilege and honour. Photography has given me the ability to see the world with wider horizons. It has given me the gift of understanding people. It was given me the joy of telling my and others’ story, visually.”

Visit her wedding photography portfolio
Image Credits: Christine Meintjes
Follow her on Twitter @cmeintjes

christine meintjes south african wedding photographer

Jean Pierre Uys

Jean Pierre Uys is an exceptionally talented and experienced local wedding photographer who has won numerous awards for his work. His blog describes him as Jean-Pierre – Acclaimed wedding photographer, artist, and creative explorer

He says that he became a wedding photographer “Through a curiosity for love and a vision for happily ever after. In my eyes, weddings are full of life. I love it! And through my lens I am able to beautifully, masterfully capture those decisive moments, moments of love, laughter, tears and joy, moments with family and friends that you never want to forget, that you never need forget. As an acclaimed photographer, my job is to give you a record of your wedding day, to deliver iconic images that stay true to your love and that you can carry in your heart forever.”

We are blown away by his beautiful wedding photography, each picture speaks volumes about the memories of the day, and the emotions of the person he’s capturing.

Visit his wedding photography portfolio
Image Credits: Jean Pierre Uys
Follow him on Twitter @Jpuysstudio

top south african wedding photographers 1
south african weddings photogrpahy

Yvette Gilbert

Yvette Gilbert’s photography style is elegantly romantic & creative. Drawing energy and inspiration from the world around her, Yvette has developed a style of photography that follows the story of the day from beginning to end, a story that can be re-lived years later through her images.

She says about herself on her facebook page: “Being a visual person, I believe that pictures can tell a more eloquent story than words and therefore prefer to let my images speak for me.

I grew up with paintbrush in hand and my artistic skill carries through to my photography. I aim to create images that show you how beautiful you really are, and to show the true emotion of your wedding day. My work is unapologetically romantic, fun and artistic.”

View her wedding portfolio
Image Credits: Yvette Gilbert
Follow her on Twitter @YvetteGilbert

yvette gilbert leading sa wedding photographer
top south african wedding photographers

Jacki Bruniquel - Durban Wedding Photographer

Jacki Bruniquel is known for her unique style and honest way of seeing and is fast gaining the reputation of being one of South Africa’s most creative wedding photographers. Highly creative, Jacki combines her Fine Art background with sound technical knowledge and varied experience to create images that tell stories.

She says on her website: “I like to get into the headspace of my clients and create images which tell their unique story. Part of the reason I got into photographing weddings is because I love to shoot in a photojournalistic style where the aim is to photograph real unscripted moments. On the flip side I also really enjoy the opportunity weddings offer to take creative narrative portraits of people. I always search for the beauty within people, that special something behind their eyes which makes them who they are”

View her photographic blog
Image Credits: Jacki Bruniquel
Follow her on Twitter @JackiBruniquel

top durban sa wedding photographer
top durban wedding photographer

Greg Lumley

Greg Lumley is an award winning Cape town based wedding and commercial destination photographer.

His creative and sometimes quirky images have been printed in multiple magazines. With an eye for detail and a fantastic “bedside manner” his ability to get even the most camera phobic to relax on shoots allows him to get the very best images from his shoots.

Greg is based in Cape Town South Africa but will travel just about anywhere to shoot.

View his website
Image Credits:Greg Lumley
Follow him on Twitter @GregLumley

south african wedding photographer top
greg lumley sa wedding photographer

Louise Vorster

Louise Vorster captures your wedding through incredibly romantic, magical vintage-style photographs. She loves to create that “closed-eye” swoon photo.

She says “When I see the magic in my couples, I see the moment in its purest form.  The one’s with the genuine smiles and laughter, those are the photos… the photos that make it a magical moment in life.  That’s the niche that Louise Vorster Photography will seek in you as the client.  Love.”

View her website
Image Credits: Louise Vorster
Follow her on Twitter @Louise_Photo

Title image Credit - Louise Vorster

best south african wedding photographers
leading local wedding photographers

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We will continue updating our Top SA Wedding Photographers blog with new amazing talent. So keep an eye on this post to stay up to date!



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