Top Wedding Themes for 2013 { Inspiration }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 22 March 2013

Top Wedding Themes for 2013

Top Wedding Themes 2013

So you’re getting married - congratulations! Now it’s time to start taking on the exciting task of planning your wedding. You might be a little bit apprehensive, thinking of all the different elements you need to put together to make your dream wedding a reality. The simplest way to avoid becoming overwhelmed is careful planning, and tying all the different pieces together with a wedding theme you’ve decided on right from the start.

Finding the right theme for your wedding can be as difficult, and is as important, as finding the perfect dress. So we’ll make sure you have fun along the way, and introduce you to five of the top wedding themes for 2013 to help you get closer to finding the perfect theme for your wedding.

Less Really is More {Boho Chic}

As Kelly from the Boho Wedding Blog says: I believe that weddings will become more stripped back and minimalistic. We have seen so much styling going on that I think in 2013 couples will want to get back to basics and let the wedding be more about them. So the old phrase ‘Less is More’ will come into play. Less details, less fuss. So simple minimalistic décor and more relaxed styling. Couples have become swamped with over stylistic wedding ideas so think minimalistic venues, simple flowers with stripped back table decoration, clean lines, simple rustic elements, un fussy ideas for a couple that want the wedding to be about them NOT the details and styling.

There’s been a massive influx of high-detail in weddings and wedding themes of the last few years. Brides want to ensure their day is perfect and they expect all the trimmings. It is after all one of the most fabulous and important days of any girl’s life. This means that weddings which move away from this stand out – and can be gloriously gorgeous in their lack of detail, and abundance of simplicity.

When you take away from lots of décor and detail – and build an uncluttered wedding palette you allow the focus to really be on you and your loved ones. Bohemian weddings (remember Kate Moss on her wedding day) aren’t going to lose their appeal any time soon, so choosing this as your starting point, incorporating lots of natural elements and earthy decor will undoubtedly result in an unforgettable, interesting and beautiful wedding theme.

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Gatsby Inspired {1920's Wedding Theme}

1920’s Vintage inspired weddings are going to become increasingly popular this year and into next. With shows like Downton Abbey stealing our hearts, soon-to-be-brides are embracing headpieces and lace and opulence for this inspired wedding theme. The roaring twenties were steeped in beautiful details - pearls, red lipstick and simple black and white motifs dominate the era and allow Brides lots of amazing theme options and variations for a classic and classy celebration. It also allows for less traditional fashion statements – wearing a headband or headpiece instead of a traditional veil, art deco details and dropped waists. This Gatsby style is super romantic – and we love it!

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Carnival {Offbeat Wedding Themes}

Going to the Circus has to be a favourite memory of any childhood. And the bright colours, shabby chic elements, and beautiful high-contrast colour-schemes make this a creative bride’s dream theme for 2013. A carnival wedding may at first sound like a recipe for disaster, and could certainly head for kitsch, cheap and nasty if it’s not pulled off correctly. But we’ve seen some seriously inspirational and amazing Carnival Chic weddings that have made us list this as a favourite wedding theme for 2013.

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Back to Basics {Rustic Elegance}

While we adore the opulence of super-styling, there’s something soft and beautiful about a natural, rustic wedding. This theme also leans towards the less-is-more feeling, with natural textures and the creative use of natural elements and earthy textures in the décor and styling. Rustic weddings illustrate a connection with nature, and can be a beautiful representation of a couple’s love and life together. Pick a rustic theme if you love the outdoors, there are so many ways to personalise this theme using your personalities and even memories together. Love this theme!

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Let them eat cake! {Parisian Glamour Wedding Theme}

Marie Antoinette, Coiffed hair, gilded mirrors and all that glitters – it has to be Parisian glamour! If you love crystal chandeliers, French high fashion and opulent fabrics as much as we do – you’re going to love this pick for our top wedding themes 2013. Piles of roses and a gourmet meal, with an atmosphere drenched in candlelight, and guests drowning in Champagne. We think molding your wedding around this glamorous wedding theme gives you so many beautiful options for décor and styling!

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parisian galmour wedding theme

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