Unique Guest Books { Ideas }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 04 December 2013

Unique Guest Books

Unique Guest Book Ideas

Once upon a time, a wedding guest book helped a newly married couple remember who came to their wedding, organize thank-you notes, and start a formal address book. But Guest Books are no longer simply functional, they are a beautiful keepsake for your new life together. Something to have in your home to remind you of your wedding and the people who shared it with you.

We’ve got some amazing unique guest book ideas to inspire you for your wedding day! But first, a few guest book tips from the experts!

Guest Book Tips & Ideas

1. Make sure everyone signs your guest book! A no-brainer, perhaps, but the last thing you need is a wedding guest book that’s half empty. Assign a member of the bridal party or other trusted friend to stand near it and ask guests to sign as they enter the party. You should also bring it to the rehearsal dinner, so that your closest friends and family have extra time to sign. Use a sign to let guests know where your guest book is and to remind them to add their name!

2. Make it personal. Rather than your guests just writing down their name, address, and a short “Congratulations”, ask them to write their favorite memory of you, advice for a happy marriage, or even use your invitations to ask guests to bring a special photograph or other token to include in your book. The options really are endless! And while we do love very simple guest books, with just a name, it can be part of your entertainment to add something fun to your guest book activities!

3. Assign someone to keep an eye on the guest book and to take it home afterwards. While you’ve probably already thought of who will be helping you by taking home special items from your big day, make certain that you specify your guest book. You don’t want it getting lost or damaged! If you’ll have kids at your wedding, try and make sure they can’t get to the guest book, especially if there are pens or paint lying around. Imagine little drawings and fingerprints all over your beautiful guest book!

Creative Wedding Guest Books

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