Wedding Candy Bars! { Ideas }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 26 June 2014

Wedding Candy Bars!

Wedding Candy Bar Ideas!

A wedding Candy Bar or Dessert Buffet is the perfect way to end off a delicious meal. While you might be inclined towards a plated dessert, your guests will thank you for setting up a beautiful selection of sweet treats instead! They’ve just sat through your ceremony, your speeches, and now they’re ready to get on the dance floor. The longer you keep your guests at their tables, the less likely it is that you’ll get them dancing afterwards. So give your guests an amazing selection of tasty sweets and delicious dessert bites instead.

You may have noticed, from browsing through our Wedding Blog, that we love unique and original wedding ideas. The challenge with a wedding is keeping it fresh and interesting, so that your guests don’t get bored - and so that you can inject some of your personality into your big day. A Candy Bar or Dessert Table is more than just a selection of delicious bites, it’s an opportunity to add something special to your wedding - a talking point. It can also add a lovely focal point to your decor, and gives guests something else to do during the reception.

Through clever use of colours, creative catering and using your theme, a wedding Candy Bar can be transformed into a feast for the eyes!

Candy Bar Decor

When you think Candy Bar, immediately you picture lovely glass jars filled with colourful sweets, pretty signs and treat bags for guests to fill. You can get really creative with your wedding candy bar (or get an expert to help) and use an old dressing table as the serving space, with open drawers as extra shelving. Adding a themed backdrop, and pretty little candy bags will pull your Candy Bar together.

You can also use layering to get an ombre look - from dark to light colours, and add pretty cupcake flags, pinwheels or pom-pom sticks to give your dessert bar something different. Think of creative serving ideas, like using mirrors instead of plates, chalkboard platters or sticking cake pops in trays of lemongrass!

An idea we love is creating a chandelier or hanging decor from sweets! Use marshmallows or other treats and suspend from the ceiling for a show-stopping way to present your sweets.

Candy Bar and Dessert Buffet Inspiration

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