Wedding Disasters { Advice }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 10 September 2013

Wedding Disasters

Wedding Disasters

For a lovely Spring Monday we thought we’d share a few funny wedding disasters with our members as advice on things to avoid to prevent disasters at your wedding!

You’ve probably heard a few horror stories of your own from friends, or been at a wedding where something went completely wrong! If you have any funny wedding stories, you can share them with us in the comments below!

Five Wedding Horror Stories

Kicked out of their own Reception

“I was the DJ for a big wedding in Minneapolis. The Bride and Groom and their families were quite loud and you could see it was going to be a massive party. Once we started the music after the ceremony the bridal party disappeared for a while, and then re-appeared with swapped clothes! The crowd went crazy with laughter and everyone was having a really good time.

Later on, after lots of shots and champagne one of the groomsmen decided he wanted his clothes back and started chasing after the bridesmaid who was in his suit. The woman retaliated by pushing him in the pool! Once he was in the pool the rest of the guests followed - after lots of pushing and shoving the Bride ended up in there too and wasn’t very happy about it! The worst part was that the hotel actually ended the reception after seeing this, they turned off the power and security kicked everyone out. An unforgettable disaster. ”

Forgetful Priest

“Talking about being forgetful, I actually witnessed a marriage ceremony in which the priest totally forgot the names of the couple. So he ended up saying: “Today, we witness the marriage of… of…. of…” as he was trying to find the piece of paper with the couple’s names. Never able to find the paper, he continued, “of two young souls”. Eventually the Groom had to whisper their names to him.”

Nervous Bride…

“I’m a wedding videographer and there’s one wedding video I will never forget editing. The Bride must have been full of nerves which lead to stomach issues. As we were filming her getting ready she disappeared to the bathroom constantly, which can be normal and I put it down to nerves and jitters. We did our usual shots of the Bride posing in her dress in areas around the venue, and we did a short interview-style set of questions before she saw the groom where she was speaking about how she was feeling. We also got a shot of the groom removing the garter where he went under her dress and everyone was laughing and applauding the scene.

It was only after the wedding while we edited the footage with headphones on that we could hear the Brides flatulence throughout the event! And we can only imagine what it was like for the groom under that dress! The poor Bride, we had to cut out a few scenes because of the audio and ended up using music to cover the noises! We couldn’t stop laughing!”

Confetti Canon Carnage

“A few years ago at my Aunt & Uncle’s wedding they decided to have a DIY night time carnival wedding. There were lots of fairy lights and popcorn stalls and they even had two confetti cannons. It was the bridesmaid and the best man’s job to set off the canon as the Bride and Groom had their first kiss. Unfortunately no one had properly tested and checked both the canons before the ceremony. We set the one off and it worked fine so caught up in the excitement of the day we stupidly guessed that they would both work.

As the Bride and Groom kissed the one canon went off perfectly, the other didn’t go off at first, and when the Best Man tried again it sent a ball of confetti up into the string fairy lights and the pole holding them up - knocking them down and causing chaos. The paper backdrop fell over onto the candles and set alight, the Bride was covered in dust and the Groom was covered in bits of fire retardant from helping the people who were trying to put out the fire. The wedding was stopped while the Bride and Groom cleaned up, but the whole scene had really killed the night.

Everyone was visibly shaken from everything collapsing around them and the sound system was damaged and wasn’t working. Eventually we all called it a night. The next day we also discovered that someone, obviously hungry, had stolen the wedding cake at some stage in the night! They are going to renew their vows next year, without any canons.”

Build Me Up

“We did an outdoor wedding and a nearby location started playing live reception music as we said I do, interrupting the ceremony so we had to repeat our ‘I Dos’ much louder and a few times while Build me up Buttercup blasted in the background. It’s now a running joke for us.”

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