Wedding Games! { Ideas }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 12 November 2013

Wedding Games!

Wedding Game Ideas

If you’re looking for a special way to liven up your wedding day, what about adding some fun wedding games? We found a few amazing ideas for wedding games we think you’ll love.

Wedding Games: Guest Mad Libs

Have you ever been to a wedding where you had to twiddle your thumbs for what seemed like an eternity before the reception really got started? Or sat at a table with people you didn’t know very well, struggling for conversation starters? Guest libs are the answer!

Not only is it great entertainment for your guests, but you can keep them to use as a fun twist on the traditional guest book, and what better way to relive your wedding than going through each person’s report back on the day!

‘Guest Libs’ make great ice breakers when placed on each table at your celebration! An amazing idea is to write a little story with a few missing words which your guests can then fill out with cute & funny suggestions on topics like - where the couple will be in 10 years, the story of how you met, what your first child’s birth will be like etc. Guest libs have become really popular, and are a creative way to entertain your guests with a game!

guest libs design south africa

guest libs design south africa

wedding guest libs

wedding guest libs design

wedding ad libs

wedding guest libs design

Wedding Games: I Spy

Wedding I Spy is a fun game for guests that also means you’ll get lots of awesome photo’s the photographer might miss of your wedding day! Create a list of special snaps for your guests to capture on the day. You can either give them an email address to send the pics to, or create a hashtag for your wedding so they can upload them immediately.

You could also supply your guests with disposable cameras they can leave in a basket on their way out. Another option is using an App like Wedding Party App where guests can share their I Spy photos!

wedding games - i spy

Wedding Games: Lawn Games

We love the idea of lawn games at a wedding! Think badminton, croquet, giant jenga or even a foosball table. Lawn games are a fun way to keep your guests busy while you get your photographs taken.

wedding games - lawn games

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