The Ultimate Guide to Invitations { Inspiration }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 31 October 2013

The Ultimate Guide to Invitations

Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations and Save the Dates are the first introduction to your wedding day, they speak volumes about the style, theme & overall atmosphere of your wedding. With so many amazing options to choose from - not just in different invitation styles but colours, packaging, digital vs. print - how does a Bride begin to pick what she wants?

We’ve put together our guide to wedding invitations for South African brides, filled with lots of beautiful wedding invite inspiration to help you conceptualise and choose your wedding save the dates and invitations!

wedding invitations colours

First Things First - Colours, Themes & Crests

Before you even begin thinking about the specifics, find a theme you love. This isn’t just your invitation theme, it’s the theme of your wedding day. A good place to start is by creating a Pinterest board of inspirational images. If you’re looking for some beautiful ideas to begin with, visit our YesBabyDaily Pinterest Pins!

Remember, you can make your board secret so that you don’t have to share your ideas with all your friends, and you can keep the details of your wedding private.

Once you’ve gathered the images you love on one board, you should have a good idea of the style you like most. From there, you can look for wedding invitation inspiration that matches your general wedding theme, and add it to your Pinterest Board. Most sites have a Pinterest plugin that allows you to add pictures directly from their site to your Pinterest boards, making saving your invitation inspiration much easier!

We would suggest creating your own Wedding Inspiration Board using your favourite pictures that you can then use to get started with your invitations. Include the colours you love, images of invites you like most and even examples of font styles you’d like your designer to use. This will help bring all your ideas together in one document that you can then send to potential invitation designers.

A popular wedding stationery trend is having a monogram or crest created. You’ll notice on lots of wedding invitation and stationery suites that there is a monogram tying everything together. This might just be your initials, or it could be a more detailed design using imagery or a symbol i.e. love birds, wreaths, an anchor, a compass etc. We love these as they can be used in different ways across all of your wedding stationery, as well as on your favours and thank you cards! See our exclusive deal on wedding mongram design here.

Getting Started: Your Save The Dates

Fitting all of your wedding stationery into your budget can be tricky, which is why digital Save the Dates have become so popular. It’s also much easier to email all of your guests than to have them delivered or to post them. Digital invitations are also a more environmentally friendly choice for earth-conscious Brides.

While having something custom designed just for you is always preferable, there are lots of great services available with standard designs you can choose from! You can read our review on Online Wedding Invitation Sending Services to help you pick the perfect place to start.

Our favourite is Paperless Post. So below we’ve showcased a few of their beautiful Save the Date options, if you’re not going to get yours custom designed for your wedding day. Keep in mind that Paperless Post does charge you to send your invitations, so it’s not a free invitation service.

Another thing to keep in mind if you go for a pre-made Save the Date is that it will need to tie into your wedding invitation design. So picking a designer to create personalised Save the Dates means that it’s easier to keep the style & theme consistent across all of your wedding stationery.

For custom designed Save The Dates, contact BridesDesign.

paperless post save the date invitations

Your Wedding Invitations

Once you’ve got your wedding theme together, and you know the colours you want to use you can begin looking at your wedding invitations. Depending on your budget, you might want to pick something really unique and creative for your wedding invites. You can read our blog on our favourite Unique Wedding Invitations for ideas!

Below we’ve added inspiration for beautiful wedding invitations by a few different broad themes we love. You can pin the invitation images to your wedding board by clicking on them.

colourful wedding invitation ideas
nautical wedding invite ideas
south african modern wedding invitations
elegant wedding invites
black and white wedding invites
floral invitations for weddings

Finding the Right Wedding Invitation Designer or Supplier

Depending on the types of invitations you want, you’ll want to find the best local wedding invitation designer and supplier. If you’re going for something very unique like balloon invitations or wooden invitations, this may be more difficult. Remember you can always contact us for help.

Wedding Invitations can also be very expensive, so keep that in mind when choosing the type of invitations you want!

Don’t always go for the supplier who comes up on the top of your Google search results, they may not be the best choice. Choose a designer who works in a similar style to the style you love most. Although, most designers simply follow the clients instructions - so don’t be put off if you don’t see the exact design or colours you’re looking for in their portfolio. Things you should look for are creativity, unique designs, quality and whether or not they are willing to send you samples before charging you - or if they will give you a refund if you’re not happy with the first samples. That way you won’t be stuck with an invitation designer if they aren’t quite getting it right.

DIY wedding invitation ideas

Wedding Invitation DIY

Almost all Brides LOVE to add a few DIY projects to their wedding day. Why? Not only because it can save on costs, but because it’s fun to put your spin on the details!

But watch out for getting too excited, and overdoing the DIY aspects. Remember that it’s not always cheaper, and you can become overwhelmed if you take on too much.

When it comes to your invitations there are lots of ways you can do the details yourself. For example you might want to get the actual invitations designed, but create your own packaging. Places to shop for small decor items to add to invitations include:

China Mall & China Discount Market, (although don’t go alone - rather take a friend or your fiance with you) Flower Spot in Woodmead, Scrapbooking stores and Stationery stores. If you know of any great shops where South African brides can find DIY stationery items, feel free to add your recommendations in the comments below!

Wedding rubber stamps are a great way to add something beautiful to your invitations, envelopes and wedding stationery yourself. They also look amazing!

Here are a few of our favourite wedding invitation DIY templates for Brides who want to add a DIY element to their wedding stationery:

1) Martha Stewart’s Compass-Style Save the Date
2) Wedding Chicks wedding invitation freebies
3) Download & Print’s Free Templates

Wedding Stationery SALE - We can help!

We have some amazing wedding deals you might want to look at when thinking about your invitations and save the dates!

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wedding stationery package south africa

Mini Polaroid Save the Dates!

We are in love with these original polaroid magnets! Use as Save the Dates, Thank You’s or even as your wedding favours! They are custom designed 50mm x 60 mm Polaroid’s to stick around! This deal includes x50 magnets but more than one package can be bought! >> View this deal now

polaroid save the date ideas

Custom Wedding Rubber Stamps

Get your very own wedding monogram or logo rubber stamp to use for your invitations, envelopes, favours & more! These beautiful and high quality wedding stamps are created just for you. The stamp template size is 5cmx5cm, but will be laser cut into whatever shape or your monogram! That means you can turn ordinary envelopes, thank you cards, favours and practically anything else into something beautiful for your big day! >> View this deal now!

wedding rubber stamps

If you’re still looking for wedding invitation ideas and inspiration - view all of our blogs on beautiful wedding invitations!


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