Welcome Baskets to Thank Your Guests { Inspiration }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 10 October 2013

Welcome Baskets to Thank Your Guests

When guests travel, they’ll naturally have the essentials with them, as well as a few niceties for added convenience or comfort. But as weddings editor Darcy Miller suggests, placing a small, welcome basket in your traveling guests rooms is not only a thoughtful way of showing gratitude for them joining you on your special day - it’s also a great way to begin the celebrations!

Sweet Gesture

One idea is to stack a welcome basket with a selection of local snacks or your favourite treats. You might consider including gourmet or homemade cookies (include a recipe card if they’re homemade). Wrap strips of wrapping paper or ribbon around the box and add a welcome note or hand-written thank you for them traveling to share this day with you!

Warm Welcome

Darcy suggests collecting just the right ingredients for a “warm welcome” basket —the ideal greeting for a winter wedding.

Start with a large container of hot cocoa and a bag of mini-marshmallows, measuring them out into individual serving sizes and placing them in small cellophane bags. Seal the bags with double-sided tape, and add a label made from card stock. Cut the card stock so it’s 2 inches wide and the same length as the width of the cellophane bag. Fold the label in half lengthwise, and use the double-sided tape to attach it to the top of the bag.

You can also include two mugs, each filled with a pair of new, cozy socks. The cocoa and the mugs can be packaged in a small wooden compact-disc crate, lined with natural excelsior.

Just Beachy

If you’re having a beach wedding, why not welcome your guests with a few useful seaside items such as sunscreen, hats or customised beach towels!

Welcome Basket Inspiration

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