Your Guide to Amazing Ceremony Programs! { Ideas }

Posted by The YesBabyDaily Team on 23 March 2013

Your Guide to Amazing Ceremony Programs!

Wedding programs are one of the little details that add extra personality to your big day, and are a great way to add creativity.Having a ceremony program also helps guests feel included in the proceedings, and gives them an idea of what will be included in the ceremony, and some background on any traditions or rituals.

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What to include in your Wedding Program

Programs range from a single page to little booklets filled with quirky facts about the couple & bridal party. So while we’ve got a suggested outline of what to include in your ceremony program, you decide how short or long you would like yours to be.

The order of Events
Give guests a rundown of the order of events. This not only informs them of the timeline of the day, it gives them moments to look forward to!

Explanation of any Traditions or Rituals
For religious and secular ceremonies alike, it’s very important to keep your guests in the know by briefly explaining any traditions, rituals, and ethic customs you’re including in your ceremony. You don’t want the meaning behind these customs to be lost on them.

Members of the Bridal Party
Give a short introduction to the members of your bridal party. You might also want to include the name of your Officiant. This is a great way to add personality, and to make the guests feel more involved in the ceremony. Include short bios or your bridesmaids and groomsmen, you can also include why they are so special to you.

Thank Yous
A thank-you note to both sets of parents can be added to the ceremony program. You may also want to include thank yous to friends and family who helped with additional elements of your day - and one to all the guests is another frequent addition to ceremony programs.

If you would like to honor deceased loved ones, you may wish to include a memorial with a photograph and a quote or similar.

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Other special touches

    Explanation of the significance of the location or other elements of the ceremony
    A short paragraph about the couple
    Love poem or quote

Unique Ceremony Program Packaging and Designs

When it comes to packaging your programs, get creative! Below are a few creative and original ceremony packaging ideas to inspire you!

ceremony program ideas
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paper bag ceremony program
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chalkboard wedding ceremony program
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wood engraved ceremony programs

Presenting Your Wedding Ceremony Programs

Because wedding programs can come in lots of unusual shapes, sizes, and colors - and you can get really creative - they can be presented in lots of different ways. Here are some ideas:

Fill woven baskets, antique trunks, tin pails, or wooden barrels - whatever works best with your wedding theme. You may also want to cleverly place them on guests seats. For an outdoor wedding, to hold down the ceremony programs you can use your wedding favours! Or you can find beautiful coloured sea glass, smooth stones, a fan etc

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wood engraved ceremony programs


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