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Looking for amazing & exclusive wedding products & services? You’ve come to the right place!

YesBabyDaily.com finds the best in the wedding industry, and we bring it to you - at a discount! We are the leading premiere wedding discounts & savings site in South Africa. We love our members, and our members love us!

Is this just another group buying site? I’m not sure I trust discount offers…

Definitely not. Firstly, this isn’t group buying because we actually limit the number of available deals. This ensures exclusivity and keeps our offers unique. We also don’t have a pesky countdown clock. But don’t wait too long to decide - there are only a few packages available of each deal and they go fast!

Also, we put every company that we list a deal from through a QA process. We hand pick the items & packages on our site, and we make sure that we’re offering you services from reputable companies WE LOVE.

But how do you get discounts from leading companies?

The local wedding industry is highly competitive, and the best businesses don’t always have the biggest budgets! We source unique, high quality products & services and we offer them exclusivity and marketing value that other companies can’t compete with!

We have a growing membership of engaged South Africans who want to be introduced to amazing companies and products for their wedding.

Because search and directory online real estate in this industry has become so packed with companies fighting for space - we do things differently.

Our members trust us not to spam them with pointless ‘sales mails’, to share beautiful ideas & inspiration, and to introduce them to the best for their big day. That makes listing an offer with us, and gaining new companies and amazing exposure - more than worth it for our merchants!

How do you make sure that members get the best service from your vendors?

Firstly, we’re very transparent with our deals. You get to see actual images of the products, venues or services.

You also get all their contact details so that you can make sure they are available on your required date.

When you purchase a voucher, we share those contact details with you again and you’ll get a unique voucher code. This prevents fraud and allows you to easily follow up on your purchase.

The companies we choose all have very high levels of customer service, so we know you’ll be looked after! We will also follow up with a few of our members on their purchase, to get feedback on how we, or our partner businesses, might improve and be the very best at what we do!

We want to make sure that the YBD shopping experience is hassle-free!

When you buy a voucher from a merchant, we’ll give that merchant a heads up that one of their offers has been purchased, and we’ll share your contact details with them. This is to make sure that you get the absolute best customer service, and that the merchant can follow up with you to make sure you’re 100% happy!

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