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At Compassion Art Photography we have a way with people!

At Compassion Art Photography we have a way with people! We put out a vibe that says - “we like people!”

We are specialists in attention to detail and believe that there is a fresh and innovative method for every task we take on. We do not follow a crowd, but instead march to a different drummer. The goal of our uniqueness is to keep from being conventional, predictable or typical.

Shereé fromCompassion Art Photographyhas many years’ experience in the corporate world of design and marketing. Her last position was as the Marketing Manager for one of the biggest independent FMCG companies in South Africa. She has acquired her skills having a degree in graphic design & various courses done in all sections of the art, design, photography & marketing industry.Being a designer, she has been trained to notice the finer details that, to most, go unnoticed.

Billy, the Entrepreneur of Compassion Art Photographyhas all the negotiation skills required for any deal. He also acts as the technical director with all equipment, ensuring that they have the best on the market and keeps it in good condition! With his vibrating personality, his one of those people, few do not like.

Their designs and photographs are unique to each couple, wedding and style. Both photographers shoot mainly in a photo-journalistic style and their creativity will capture the true emotions found only on your wedding day.

compassion art sa wedding photography

compassionart wedding photography

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