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Feel centered, confident and energized. And get in shape before your wedding day!

Yoga is a wonderfully relaxing way to slim down before your wedding day - it’s also centering and a quiet place for contemplation.

The Haum of Yoga is founded by Kerry Weavind and with a fantastic team of teachers offers different types of yoga and other complementary therapies. The Haum of Yogais designed as a one-stop relax and rejuvenation retreat that is close to your haum, set in an ambient setting in a very quiet neighborhood. The most tranquil space in Joburg, as you step into our center, you feel like you are suddenly transported out of town. It is an opportunity to get out of commercial living and into Being, if just for a short time.

Our goal is to help you reconnect the mind with the body and enhance that communication.We offer yoga for all body types, all ages and all levels of fitness and flexibility - through a full schedule of yoga classes that we want to keep expanding! Our yoga stresses different aspects of yoga in every class - sometimes focussing on alignment, other times foucssing on mental discipline - it can be CHALLENGING, if not physically, then emotionally to help you move through boundaries and empower yourself, and often times the result is a certain calm, as the skill to deal with a challenging life is developed.

Yoga is a lifestyle that asks you to be less stressed, more vibrant and energetic, more inspired, more happy. Yoga teaches tools to achieve all this and more. Yoga uses the physical body to play in different experiences, through which you can understand your internal dialogue, your relationship to yourself – your body and your mind – all the while toning not only your muscles, but your organs and glands too, bringing strength and health to your body, to your mind, and balanced emotions.


“well I have only been doing this for 6 months, so I am possibly only at the “tip of the iceberg” for any benefits. But what I do know is that whilst I have not lost any weight, I have definitely felt that my body is toning and I am really sorry that I did not measure myself in the beginning! Centremetres lost….most definitely. I am also gaining strength in my arms that I never had before so when I break a 100 on my golf score I am also going to attribute this to yoga….YAY, and u are going to hear all about it!!!”
Jane Stroebel

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