Live Love Dream Pre-Marriage Counselling

Live Love Dream Pre-Marriage Counselling
Live Love Dream Pre-Marriage Counselling


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You’ve met Mr. Right, you’ve planned the wedding of your dreams but now what about your happily ever after…?

The best way to insure in your relationships is to invest in them! Live, Love and dream with an open heart and mind….

Candice Luck invites you to be inspired to think differently and to create wonderful, happy and meaningful relationships in all areas of your life- with your partner, family, parents and co-workers. The Live Love Dream Pre- Marriage Coaching course has a fun modern approach that teaches specific skills to achieve lasting love and happiness. This is a non-denominational course and ALL types of couples are welcome. If you are interested in creating a happy, successful and fulfilling marriage, then you have come to the right place… Let Live Love Dream help you build the foundation for a resilient marriage right from the start!

You’ll learn to:

    Enhance your own and your partner’s strengths
    Develop positive communication skills
    Understand each other’s Love Language
    Resolve conflict effectively
    Take ownership & responsibility in your roles as husband and wife
    Find the time and create the balance you want
    Solve financial issues -  saving, budgeting, paying off debt
    How to deal with conflicting values
    Plan long-term goals – children, career, dreams
    Deepen your intimacy and know how to keep the spark alive
    Achieve a happy, rewarding and fulfilling relationship


“An amazing, uplifting experience @LiveLoveDream. My marriage is benefiting, I have become self-empowered and I am overall a positive person.
Candice has given me amazing self help techniques, visualisation methods and uplifting tips for a better and happier me.”
Samantha (34), Kyalami.

“Candice is a special person of outstanding character and authenticity. She operates with great integrity and a genuine desire to help people succeed in their relationships.
Her warm heart and deep wisdom make her a role model to everyone who knows her. I am blessed and grateful to have her in my life and highly recommend
her as a coaching and counselling professional.”
Carina(37), Bedfordview

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