Magda Grové

Magda Grové
Magda Grové

Western Cape

Tel: 021 554 2734

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We've all imagined it...that awe-inspiring wedding dress that says "made for me"...

Magda Grové Custom-Made Bridal Wear

We’ve all imagined it…that awe-inspiring wedding dress that says “made for me”. With over a decade in experience, Magda not only knows the industry, but she gets to know her brides ~ finding out what it is that you envision and providing expert style guidance in order to bring that picturesque dress to life, together.

Magda Grové started her couturier career as little girl dressing paper dolls in a variety of her own creations and studying the intricacies of Russian ballet costumes. Her love for beautiful fabrics and a keen eye for detail soon translated into wedding dresses suited perfectly to her brides’ personality and style.

Magda believes that a wedding dress shouldn’t just be a copy from a picture; this dress is the one that should reflect who a bride truly is on the inside. Whether it be a full ball gown, or a delicate lace sheath, Magda takes an “inside out” approach when designing a dress, with getting to know the bride being an integral part of her dressmaking process.

Magda Grové is an incredible wedding gown couturier who creates exceptional custom-made Bridal wear.

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