The Forum | Turbine Hall

The Forum | Turbine Hall
The Forum | Turbine Hall


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Wedding Venues

The ideal backdrop for a contemporary urban-chic wedding.

We have perfected the flawless occasion: every detail is considered when designing standout experiences. And on no other occasion is a seamless celebration more important than when it marks your wedding day. Let the forum company coordinate an immaculately-run, stylish affair, customised to reflect your every whim.

We offer a full-service solution for all bridal requirements: iconic venues, a personalised catering menu, exceptional cuisine and a 5-star coordination service. Our bespoke approach means that you can decide how much or how little you want us to take care of with our signature sophistication and flair; so if you are looking for the perfect venue, a blissfully decadent feast, or a take-charge-of-everything service, the forum company team will happily ensure that every taste, smell, sound and sight delights even the most discerning bride.

The modern bride’s pick is an urban-chic wedding – an unexpected and voguish twist on the conventional country setting. Conveniently situated and instantly appealing, the forum company offers two city venues, each with a distinctive character and charm: the forum | the campus and the forum | turbine hall.

For the bride who wants extraordinary catering and an expertly planned wedding at her own venue choice, whether in- or outdoors, the forum | private label will ensure a tailor-made menu to suit the couple’s personal style and theme.

Our unique venues and catering service enhanced by the forum company’s trademark style will create an experience that will be rendered timeless in memories. “i do” | turbine hall

Nothing can be more striking than the bold contrast of soft delicate wedding apparel and prettiness against edgy cityscape – Intriguing drama that will be captured in vivid photographs.

The historic Turbine Hall in the heart of Jozi has an imposing industrial exterior which conceals a breathtaking multiple-volume space accentuated by ultramodern interiors.

Spacious zones accommodating from 10 to 800 people, eye-catching decor with flashes of sleek chrome, sophisticated lighting, landscaped parkland and a view of Jozi’s magnificent skyline from windows that span almost the entire length of the building – every element impresses and ensures that turbine hall forms the ideal backdrop for a contemporary urban-chic wedding.

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