Unbreakable {Tungsten Carbide Rings}

Unbreakable {Tungsten Carbide Rings}
Unbreakable {Tungsten Carbide Rings}

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Unbreakable Trust. Unbreakable Passion.

Forged from the white flames of spirit, these rings are designed to not only be highly scratch resistant, but also to keep their shine for the duration of your life!

Unbreakable rings carry a lifetime replacement guarantee. That means that we will replace your Unbreakable ring if it is in need of a resize, for free!

Are you Unbreakable?

There is a myth that tells of a young man, broken and distraught by the loss of everything he had including the woman he loved. So angry was the man at what had happened, that he cursed the heavens and Venus, the Goddess of love herself.

A few days passed, and Venus appeared to the man and presented him with a ring. She explained that she had been so moved by his despair that she had forged him a ring.

“This ring was forged in the white flame of spirit from the tears I cried for your plight. This ring will not only protect your heart” she said, ” but it will withstand the blades of even the best warriors, and men will envy you for it. For as long as you wear this ring your spirit will be unbreakable.”

The man’s heart soon healed, and his deepest ambitions became a reality through his efforts and with the help fo the ring. When he passed on, the ring split into two, one for each of his sons. Each ring just as powerful as the original. The rings split once more for their sons, and so the legend of the unbreakable ring began.

Presenting the UNBREAKABLE Range of Mens Rings:

Tungsten Carbide is not only the latest fashion item in terms of mens jewellery, but this metal has an exceptionally luxurious feel, and shine to it. This super metal can only be cut by diamond once cooled, and is used around the world to cut steel and other hardened materials.

Unbreakable Tungsten Carbide Rings have a deep silver colour, and are guaranteed never to bend, or lose their shine. Forged at heats of up to 4000 degrees Celsius, UNBREAKABLE rings are highly scratch resistant and designed to meet the rugged lifestyles of real men while remaining classy, stylish and elegant.

The entire Unbreakable range of rings are 100% hypo-allergenic and are designed with a comfort fit feature, making them perfect for any finger size.

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